Monday, August 29, 2011


Bill believes he's found his dreamgirl in Elizabeth. But, she has other ideas...Dedicated to Built4com4t...
I’m out of control…or should I say – out of my control. Before today, I had always been in complete control of my situation. I had utter control of my parents by the age of three. I had them wrapped around my little finger.

My parents divorced when I was seven – that’s when I really began to get whatever I desired. They were guilty for breaking up the family, especially my mother, who had double the guilt because she pulled out me out of the school and neighborhood I had know since I was born and thrust me into a new situation. So, she appeased her conscience by stuffing me with sweets…overloading my poor puny belly with extra helpings of stew, macaroni and cheese, and meatballs and spaghetti. My belly ached every time I left the table, swollen into a large sphere…too stuffed to go out and play. I retreated to my bedroom to lie flat on my bed, rubbing my tortured middle as I watched TV.

My father was no better. Although he complained that I was transforming into a “little tub”, he wouldn’t be outdone by my mother. “It’s the park for you, my boy – get some exercise. You’re getting fat,” he’d say to me. “Bill, you need to run around to get the fat off of you.”

But, the candy shop was on the way to the park and I’d be allowed to fill my pockets with Oh, Henry bars, Bit-o-Honeys, Bazooka gum, and jelly beans. We’d walk in the park for awhile and then back to the candy shop for a banana split, egg cream, or malted.

Between the gorging at every meal and candy runs every weekend, I got FAT…FAT…FATTER…”Hey Tubby!” the neighborhood kids began to shout at me. And, then there was…Porky…Fatty…and the best - Lard Butt. Larry, the class clown would jump up behind me, grab my distended gut and jiggle my fat violently yelling, “And Bill is getting LARGER!” And he was right. I was. I got bigger and bigger and bigger. As I got larger, I got greedier. I manipulated my parents and friends and got fed more food. “Pork Butt” became “Round Boy” and then “Balloon Belly Boy”.

This went on for some time until one day I sat on the class bully in the school yard – grounding him into the courtyard. I was left alone after that.

This went on for some time until one day I sat on the class bully in the school yard – grounding him into the courtyard. I was left alone after that.

Don’t get me wrong. I had plenty of friends. I became really popular…especially when I could get practically anything I wanted from my parents. So, I was usually the first to get the new toy, Atari game system, cable TV, etc… I had many friends…well not real friends, but close enough for the time being

But, I digress. It’s best to say that I took full advantage of all the opportunities afforded to me…and then some. I took from the best – the best education, grades, job – and women…well perhaps not in that category. It was difficult to find someone that met my requirements…refined, beautiful, a woman who knew her own mind and had half a brain…But the added fat on my already ample figure sometimes made it hard to attract who I wanted.

I few years ago I came across some fat acceptance websites. Some actually promoted corpulence. I was intrigued. I was always fascinated by fat. Perhaps it was because my weight had always fluctuated so much in my life. I always tended to be on the pudgy side. Now I was beyond pudgy – a very rotund 350 pounds to be exact –well, ok 352 pounds.

I was in good health although my feet and knees ached from a touch of early arthritis. My doctor had recommended a diet. Surely, a substantial weight loss would lessen my difficulties. I did try, but failed miserably. I just enjoyed everything and anything that involved or revolved around food. Soon after I moved in to his first apartment with his two former room mate from college, my weight ballooned –rising almost 80 pounds in less than years time. Two things changes for me during that time – limited money for good, lower fat foods and learning to cook from local television cooking shows. So I learned how to cook l01 ways using pastas, tuna, rice, chop meat, etc. My room mates’ weight skyrocketed as well. Between my good home cooking, trips to burger joints, and beer runs, we didn’t have a chance. The three of us ballooned.

And, as I went from “Balloon Belly Boy” into “Balloon Belly Man”, my fascination with weight gain was magnified. I began to stuff myself even more, enjoying the feeling of being full, taking pictures of myself and posting them for my many admirers. I even tried my hand at some weight gain fiction. I was very successful.

At least I was successful in that. Living on the West coast proved to have some disadvantages for a man of “greater weight.” For one thing, the heat of the summer made me sweat buckets, perspiration dripping into my folds of fat and beading up on my great bulbous gut. The other thing was the weather always tended to be mild. Residents dressed sparsely in bathing suits, shorts, and other summer-weight clothing, heavier people especially of my advancing size would stick out like the proverbial sore thumb.

As I beefed up, I noticed that I needed to make some changes in my life style. Riding my motorcycle into work became increasingly difficult. My bulk swelled out before me preventing me an easy access to the handlebars of my Harley. Eventually I was forced to garage my bike and purchase a dependable pickup truck to get me into the office. These days I tended to do a lot of work from home, making my amply supplied refrigerator too accessible to my growing body.
Soon I was moving from the Men’s department to the Big and Tall Shops. This is where I was eventually to meet Elizabeth. It was a warm day when I realized I had yet again grown out of my clothes. My belly literally bulged out of my white tailored dress shirt, swelling plumply from the tightened dress slacks especially after the particularly large lunch I hind just devoured. Elizabeth, a saleswoman at the Big and Tall Shop seemed very helpful and knowledgeable. She was a pleasingly plump brunette of Mediterranean descent. Her long wavy hair cascaded down her back. I quickly realized that her piercing green eyes were glued to my protruding gut.

Goosebumps popped up on my skin as I felt her greedy eyes drinking me in… her fingers prodding my overfilled belly…the feel of her tape measure wrapping around my thickened waist. I felt myself blush when from her slight teasing about his hulking flesh.

“You’ve put on a little weight since the last time you were here – it looks well on you,” Elizabeth remarked with clear admiration in her voice.

“Thank you,” I said, steadily. I was a little confused. I didn’t remember ever seeing her in the store before. I straighten a little sucking in my gut out of reflex.

“I haven’t waited on you before. It’s usually Marta or Ed who get that pleasure. I have only admired you from afar ‘”she added. She firmly poked me in my gut causing a great exhale and my belly to puff fully outward once again. “Sorry, I need to get a true measurement. You shouldn’t be ashamed to let it all hung out,” Elizabeth explained.

“I’m usually not. I guess I’m a little self conscience around beautiful women,” I replied smoothly.

I gasped in surprise when she grabbed firmly onto my big belly and gave it a good jiggle. I literally became weak-kneed, feeling my shaft becoming as engorged as my belly clearly was from all her special attention to my fattened form.

“HMM m… 51 inches around,” Elizabeth observed. “A BHM indeed.”

We chatted for awhile as Elizabeth outfitted me with new clothing, her hand often coming to rest on the top of my rotund middle. When Elizabeth told me that she was a “FA”, it freed me to discuss the fact that I was a regular contributor to several online weight gain sites.

“It’s not that I’m a gainer,” I told her. “It’s just that I enjoy food and have quite a bit of experience…as you can see from my size.” I told her I had written several narratives under a pen name. She seemed genuinely impressed when I revealed my penname.

“Oh, my lord!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “You’re him! I’m a huge fan of your work.” She leaned in to him. “I’m curious…have you ever actually been fed like your characters?”

“Only in my imagination,” I said with a chuckle. “Most people find my…interests a little strange. I usually keep my fantasies to myself. Or should I say, for my short stories.”

“I’d love to be your muse, Bill. Would you like to actually experience something your characters do? You know, for real?” she asked, taking a more serious tone.

“Well, I don’t know…yes…yes, I would…would know…would you…” I began, not believing what I was hearing coming from the lips of this lovely, young woman.

“Yes, Bill. I’d love to feed you. How about meeting me here tomorrow…say around 11:30? We can eat lunch somewhere nearby,” she suggested.

“Aren’t you working?” I asked.

“Only the morning…my boss will be taking over for me in the afternoon.”

“Great, it’s a date,” I said.

I was so excited. I paid for my purchases and rushed home. I couldn’t wait for my date with Elizabeth. That evening I choose my clothing very carefully. I had to go to a meeting in the morning, so I decided on the crisp dress shirt and slacks Elizabeth had chosen for me. I added a blue paisley tie from my closet and shined my black shoes until they sparkled.

I tossed and turned most of the night in anticipation. The next day, my meeting went smoothly as expected and I rushed to be with Elizabeth. I arrived just before 11:30. The mall was moderately crowded as I walked confidently up to the Big and Tall Shop where Elizabeth worked. I spotted the lovely Elizabeth right away in her bottle green, low-cut silk dress and silky black stockings and pumps. She was truly a vision of loveliness.

She kissed me on the side of my cheek and said,” I’m so sorry, Bill, but my boss needs me to work until 6.”

When she saw my smile begin to falter, she cut in, “But, we could still eat in the mall…that is if you’re still into it. And, then perhaps a nice dinner after I get off work?”

I considered it. It was a long way to travel home and I could easily walk around the shops after lunching with her while I waited for her to eat with her again. So, I said yes. She smiled at me, taking my hand in hers, and led me to a table in the food court just a few short yards from her store. We swiftly decided on pizza. She told me to sit and she’d go and get us the lunch.

I sat down. My dress shirt was somewhat loose in fit in spite of my large protruding gut. But, when I spotted Elizabeth returning with several large boxes, I knew that my buttons would definitely be straining…and soon.

“Well, you said you wanted the experience of being fed,” she began. “And, I intend on making sure you experience it FULLY.” She thumped my belly, looking at it thoughtfully. “I can’t wait to see your expression as you begin to blow up in front of me…really fatten…getting huge.”

I was getting really turned on in spite of myself. She opened the box and took out a greasy slice. I opened my mouth wide as she fed me all of it…and then another…and then another…and then before I knew what was happening, I was working on the other pie. I felt myself being stretched larger and larger. The feeling was exhilarating. I leaned back in my chair. “Oooff! I’m getting really tight,” I said, rubbing my bloated stomach.

“Oh, come on. You’ve barely started,” Elizabeth said, softly. “Won’t you eat more for me..just a little?”

How could I resist her?

Then she began to speak softly, sitting closer. “You are hungry indeed my fat darling,” she crooned. “You are a fat one, aren’t you? I bet there’s no filling you up.”

Oh, God! I thought to myself. I can’t believe this. It’s beyond my wildest dreams. What great material I’m going to be able to get for my stories. But, oh man, I’m getting soo bloated…

And with every bite not only did my belly grow noticeably larger and larger, but if I felt as if passersby could actually see the rest of me thickening, too. I couldn’t believe that people didn’t stop and stare at the spectacle. But, everyone just seemed to be concerned for themselves and didn’t pay an iota of attention to my situation. I guess I just was being overly sensitive. But, my senses were on fire. I felt all eyes on my expanding gut and the beautiful woman feeding me.
“Elizabeth, I feel like I’m gonna explode…” I mumbled between bites.
“Nonsense,” she exclaimed, smiling brightly. “Oh, Bill, you know you are so greedy. You know you want so much more…you’re getting so round… my little fatty boy.”

She was making me more excited and she knew it. I had some difficulty leaning over the table, but Elizabeth took care of that. She had me lean back farther, pushing my legs apart, so my expanding gut was cushioned as it grew rounder.

The pizza was followed by dessert. She slid the 2 lb container of rice pudding in front of me. “Now, I have to go inside to check on a few things. So, I want you to eat every bite for me,” she instructed, stroking my bulging belly. “And, I’ll be watching your progress from the window over there.”

Elizabeth walked slowly to the store as I looked with trepidation at the large portion. I rubbed my distended stomach slowly. Would I be able to get this all into me? Then, I looked up and saw Elizabeth wave. I knew what I had to do. I leaned over the table as best as I could, and shoveled in the pudding like I hadn’t eaten in days.

Stuff…stuff…stuff…BELLY FILLING…stuff…stuff…stuff…BURP…chew…chew…chew…BELLY GURGLING…And with a final gulp and swallow, I sighed with relieve as I finished the last grain of rice.

Elizabeth came running from the store. “Oh, darling, I’m so proud of you!” She helped me to my feet. I could barely stand. My belly bowed out like an overinflated beach ball. My buttons were definitely straining now.

“I can barely move,” I groaned. “I don’t think I’m gonna be able to walk around the mall in this condition.”

“Hmm…” she said, thoughtfully. “I think you’re right. Perhaps I can have you lay down in the stockroom and take a snooze for awhile. No one will be the wiser. What do you think about that?”

“Won’t you get into trouble with your boss?” I asked, belching slightly.

“If she knew, which she won’t. Come on, I’ll give you a belly rub before I go back onto the selling floor,” she replied.

I agreed somewhat reluctantly. I didn’t want to cause a problem for her, but I also knew that I was so stuffed…I really needed to lay down for a bit. She led me to the rear of the store where the changing rooms were, but then changed directions suddenly and pushed me into the stock room.

Inside the stock room, there were shelves packed with brown boxes. Several crates were near the door. Elizabeth pushed against one, pressing it against the other crate forming a bed for me. She helped me up. My swollen belly stuck straight up in the air, stretching out my new shirt. Elizabeth began to rub my stomach gently. After awhile, I yawned widely and felt the world…slowly…fade…

“Wake up! Wake up!” Elizabeth shouted, shaking me roughly. I awoke, startled. I couldn’t have been asleep more than an hour. I gazed at her groggily.

“What’s…what’s up?” I slurred.

“Oh. Lord, it’s my boss, Mara. She came in after all,” Elizabeth hissed. “I’ve got to hide you.”

“Oh, I’ll go…” I began to say.

“No, no! She’s already here. Let me hide you among the boxes. Over there,” she pointed to the packed shelves.

She helped me roll off the crates. I wobbled with her help toward the shelves. She chose one a few feet from the ground and cleared off the boxes. “Crawl in here,” she instructed.

I looked at the gap. “It looks a little tight,” I replied, looking doubtful.

“Don’t worry about it,” she replied. It’s wider than it looks. You crawl in and I’ll move the crates over here to hide you.”

I shrugged. She was the boss lady. I crawled in. She was right. It was wider than I thought. I fit most of my body on the shelf. My legs dangled slightly from the back, but my head was close to the front. Elizabeth slid the crates over. And, just in time, too. Her boss, Mara, opened the door. Elizabeth quickly sat on the crates in front of my face, giving me a fine view of her luscious rump.

“Elizabeth, sorry to drop in on you, but it looks like I needed to come in anyway,” the tall, slender red-headed woman said. “I had to take care of a few things for a client.”

Mara handed Elizabeth a large bag. “You must be starving,” she said to her. “I’ve brought you in some Chinese food.”

“No really, Mara. I had a little something…” Elizabeth began.

“I thought you didn’t leave the story?” Mara said, accusingly.

“Oh, no. I mean I had a large breakfast,” she replied, smoothly.

“Then eat and enjoy,” Mara said, waiting for Elizabeth to begin eating.

Elizabeth gave her boss a half smile and bit into an eggroll. When Mara turned, she shoved the same eggroll into my mouth. She pushed it in firmly. I had no choice but to chew and swallow or I would have choked, revealing my hiding place. That egg roll was followed by another and then some fried dumplings. My cheeks bulged with food, as I was forced to swallow, feeling my belly tightening up once again.

When Mara walked out onto the selling floor, Elizabeth whispered. “I need you to eat some of this. I’m watching my weight.”

“Yeah, and I’m watching my weight, too…get heavier and heavier,” I gasped.

“But, it looks so good on you, darling,” she said, kissing me full on the lips. “Just a little more, won’t you darling?”

I nodded so entranced by her beauty. I know, I’m a sucker, but she really turned me on. She stroked my double chin as she pushed in more dumplings and then spooned in lo mein noodles and had me drink some water. I struggled through the last few bites, enjoying them although I was painfully stuffed. I felt my legs dangling even more as I tried to wiggle my body partially from the shelf…realizing that I was stuck. I couldn’t move!

“I’m stuck,” I exclaimed. “I’m wedged in tight, Elizabeth.”

She got a devious look on her face as she walked around to the rear, disappearing from my sight.
I felt her hand attempting to push their way under my belly, unsuccessfully. And, then she was caressing my buttocks. “Hmm…you are a naughty boy,” she said. “You’ve gotten so fat you’ve gotten yourself stuck. What have you done?” Then I cried out sharply, as her hand came down hard on my butt.

“OUCH! Elizabeth, that hurt,” I complained.

“Are those pants too small for you, Tubby?” she asked, slapping me again – not as hard. “Perhaps, I should relieve you of them.” I felt my zipper slowly being unzipped.

“Elizabeth, no. How about if someone comes in?” I said with a serious tone. But, she wasn’t listening to him. She slid his pants down slightly, exposing the top of my buttocks. I sucked in my breath as I felt her finger pushed down the crack, massaging…caressing me. I moaned, my senses heightened again.

“Follow my lead, and you’ll get more of that…” she whispered to me, moving her hand down to brush my crotch. “And, so much more…”

I was panting. “Oh, Elizabeth…” I moaned.

“Elizabeth!” Mara’s voice called from outside.

Elizabeth jumped. She yanked up my pants, packed up the remains of the food, and called out that she’d be right out. She turned quickly to kiss me. “Stay quiet. She should be leaving again soon.” And she ran out the door.

I somehow managed to doze off for awhile. But, I was awakened by the door slamming shut. Mara and Elizabeth walked in. My eyes must have bugged. Mara was carrying a box of donuts…and a large one at that.

Mara motioned Elizabeth to sit on the crate in front of me. She did and then handed her the box of donuts. Then Mara did something that truly surprised me…she reached out and began to rub Elizabeth’s plump belly. “You barely look like you had enough lunch,” Mara said. “Here have some donuts.” Mara opened the box Elizabeth held and began feeding her, keeping her hand on Elizabeth’s belly as she did. I was getting incredibly horny as I watched her belly expand as her boss crammed more into her.

I imagined that she was thinking that she should have eaten less lunch with me. Although she had fed me most of the pizza, she had still indulged.

I noticed now that the seams at the sides of her dress were straining to hold her growing stomach, now becoming even more impressively round. She was breathing hard as the last of the twenty or so donuts went into her. No wonder she was nice and plump.

She belched loudly. Mara smiled at her proudly, patting Elizabeth's distended belly. “Now that is an improvement. Let’s see what you can do with this box.” Mara walked out and Elizabeth stood up. I had a wonderful view of her amazing profile. The buttons on the side of her tight silk dress were stretched to their limit. She was impressively stuffed.

“Ohhh…” she exhaled, putting her hand on her bulging belly. “My belly’s blown up like a damn balloon.” She turned to me, pleadingly. “You’ve got to help me, darling. She does this to me all the time. She’s gotten me so heavy since taking my job here and I need the money so dearly, so I haven’t been able to complain. Please eat these.”

She held out the box of donuts to me. When I started my refusal, being so full myself, I saw her lips begin to quiver, as if she were about to cry.

“Ok,” I said. “I’ll eat whatever you need me to eat.”

She fumbled with the lid, and pressed the first of the many cakes tight against my lips. I opened wide, allowing her to feed me again. As my belly grew dangerously jam-packed once again, pressing tightly to shelf, I kept thinking of how I enjoyed watching Elizabeth being fed…her look of helplessness as she was forced to…

The door opened and Mara entered again. Elizabeth put the donut up to her mouth and took a small bite. “Yes, you’re doing well. Can’t have you wasting away. You work in the Big and Tall Shop, you need to be well filled out. Here let me help you…”

I couldn’t believe my luck. I watched as Elizabeth’s waist ballooned yet again, her billowing belly pressed too tightly against the snug material…pulling…stretching. “Keep eating!” Mara commanded, pushing more into her gapping mouth. Then she turned on her heel and left Elizabeth huffing and puffing.

She then turned back to me and had me finish the few that were left. “I feel so fat, I could burst out of my clothes,” she complained, rubbing her bulging belly.

“You’re telling me,” I added, burping loudly. “You said I’d get more...”

She nodded, walking behind me again. This time her hand lay directly over my scrotum. Her fingers moved expertly grasping me…massaging….I stiffened. But, then she had to move away and head out when Mara began to call once again. Elizabeth whispered that the store would be closing up in two hours and then she’d help pull me out and sneak me out.

I found myself dozing off again - so satiated from my day-long indulgences. I must have fallened into a deep sleep because I remember dreaming. I dreamt of friends in my childhood, my work, and my lovely, Elizabeth.

I awoke slowly...slugishly. I felt a it was a jabbing into my underbelly. My buttock tightened - or it tried to do it. I was astonished to find I couldn't do it. I was being forced apart - held open - vulnerable. I tried to wiggle, but whatever it was, it help me fast in its grip.

"Aghrrgggg!" I yelled as something smooth and cold invaded my anus.

"!" I cried as I attempted to pull myself forward out of my oppressor's grasp.

Gasping and grunting, I inched forward as the probe moved inward then outward then inward...going deeper each time...slowly at first and then faster. Then I felt hands grasping my buttock, nails digging into my fleshy, bulbous orbs. Then...a shove - a really hard one. My body again inched foward but excruciatingly slow. I squeezed in my distended abdomen and pulled my bulk so my chest hung over the floor. But, my plump belly wouldn't let me go further.

Whatever was placed in me was now removed and I came face-to-face with my tormentor...Elizabeth...and Mara. Both women came out from behind me, sleeves rolled up.

"Oh, Elizabeth, you have caught us a fat one," Mara proclaimed,smiling. I gulped. It was a truly devilish smile.

That's when I knew.

She had known about me all along. Elizabeth stared at me expressionless. Missing was the look of embarrassment and desperation she wore earlier.

OH, GOD. I though. IT WAS PLANNED. She planned to bring me back here. But, for what purpose? To act out some kind of fantasy play for them? Or did Elizabeth mean for me to take her place as Mara's fattened hog?

"What's going on, Elizabeth?" I demanded, struggling as they unceremonously removed the remainder of my clothing.

This wasn't funny anymore. It wasn't kinky. I felt a chill crawl up my spine. I had no control. I had given it away and now I was afraid.

"Ok, Porky, you've gotten yourself into quite a predicament," Mara said, letting her fingers move across his fattened flesh. "But, I'm sure we won't mind helping you squirm out."

I’d eaten a week’s worth of food in a single day. I was so bloated! There was no way I'd get out, even with their help. I was wedged in just as tightly as before.

"Suck in that gut, Tubby!" Elizabeth ordered.

I did what I could to hold my breath. I felt my face turn from a light pink to scarlet. Their small fingers reached into my underbelly and began to grease me up. The smell was unmistakable...lard. Cold lard that made me shiver and the smell made me want to gag.

I felt something pointy wedged in and around my big belly. Was it a knife? A spatula? No…no it wasn’t. I felt an icy coldness. They must have stuffed lard into a ketchup or mustard bottle and were squeezing the lard in – lubing the opening.

I gasped as my flesh was manipulated, probed, and pounded. I began to feel myself move slowly forward. A tube of toothpaste had nothing on me. The women giggled and massaged me until I was clear of the shelving. I fell face first – onto the cold, hard, wood floor of the stock room. I was glad I wasn’t overstuffed like before or I was sure I would have vomited when my whole weight fell onto my corpulent belly.

Elizabeth and Mara rolled me from my bulbous belly to my back – making sure to properly secure my arms and legs where I was stretched spread eagle. I was finally facing my tormentors.

“What are you doing to me? What can’t you let me just go?” I begged them. Everyone has his fantasies about being dominated and frankly it was always a turn on for me. But, this was going a little too far.

The vultures came to my sides, circling me like sharks eyeing a good meal.

Small brown cardboard boxes were piled high – one on top of the other. Boss lady opened the first – a cherry pie. The sweet, gooey filling gushed from my mouth as they took turns pushing thick slices into me. This was followed by blueberry pie…key lime pie…coconut custard…and strawberry rhubarb pie. I cried out as my belly was stretched mercilessly, packed full with fruit and pastry. My belly swelled rising forward. They squealed with delight as they pushed my appetite beyond its limits.

“Oh, look at our fat, swollen piggy,” Mara crooned.

“He looks like he could pop!” Elizabeth giggled.

“Definitely ripe for the slaughter…” Mara observed.

“Oh…Ohhhh,” I groaned. “What do you want from me?”

“We want you to get fatter…but first we wanted to give you some food for thought. So, you could write a new story starring us.” Elizabeth replied.


“You’re always writing about captured women fattened by wealthy men into incredible blimps. We though you needed some inspiration to be able to write firsthand about a man being stuffed beyond belief by women.” Mara explained.

“All this for a story?!”

“Well, it wasn’t that way in the beginning. It was well…just for some fun.” Elizabeth laughed.

“Okay. Let me up and I’ll do whatever you want me to do,” I begged.

“Oh, it won’t be that easy, fat man,” Mara said, haughtily.

The stuffing continued. My belly was filling and there was still a lot left to eat. My belly was so stuffed that I could barely breathe but strangely I wanted more. They assessed my progress with finger pokes and presses into my ballooning flesh. As my belly and sides blew outward to obscene proportions with piece after piece of fruit, cream, and pastry, I had never felt so utterly powerless – unable to control my fate…a hapless creature force fed whimpering from my escalating plumpness.
Ooooo, I’m getting so stuffed. My belly ached soooo much. Hiccup! Oooh... I hiccupped again. Great, I thought to myself. Each hiccup wracked my poor gorged belly.
The fullness quickly transformed to a dull ache as my skin stretched across my growing gut.
“You poor thing!” Elizabeth said with a false sound of concern to her voice, “I’ll bet you feel like you’re about to burst.”
My belly rumbled ominously. Now painfully swollen, I could only moan piteously.

My trials seemed to cease for a time, but only after half of the pies were consumed. I cried out as they unchained me. Barely able to move, my arms and legs had long ago lost feeling and were helpless as I they attempted to drag me to my feet. When they realized that this was impossible – my weight so great – I was unceremoniously rolled over and over…a giant ball of blubber across the cold floor to the desk across the room.

My belly rumbled voicing its displeasure. It was now the center of my being. Belching and farting my gut was compressed, forcing out my gas which had been building all day. My ass was spanked firmly as punishment for this display of bodily functions. The spanking continued - setting my ass on fire. I soon couldn’t stop my legs from kicking wildly as I tried…without results to stop the torture to my searing buttock. I guess I should have been glad that they weren’t beating my excruciatingly blown up gut.

But then I found myself squeezed…actually ground into the floor. More gas was expelled…my belly crushed to the floor. I was so ashamed that I couldn’t stop the tears streaming down my fleshy face. I was equally mortified when my tears turned to quiet sniffling then into hearty sobbing. I was inconsolable as my tormentors pushed me onto my wobbly legs and forced me to sit at the desk on my burning buttock. Belted into the chair I could barely breathe. A laptop computer was placed before me, which I could barely reach over my fattened belly.

Then I was forced to type. As I typed the story they desired, I was continuously bombarded with barrage of pie…apple…apple crumb…egg custard….lemon meringue…both chocolate and banana cream….strawberry…concord grape…the list seemed endless. As I was held against my will and forced to write to their satisfaction before I was allowed to leave, I string of taunts assailed me…Porky’s belly is getting soo fat…fatman…telatubby baby…Bloated Billy…and it went on and on and on.

My punishment for stopping consisted of savage pokes and a speeding up of the “food for thought”. I was closer to exploding than I had ever been in my life. I was now utterly enormous, my belly so round and swollen by the time I had reached the middle of my tale. I was sweating profusely, grunting uncontrollably as I was edged past my endurance. As if stuffed for Christmas dinner, it was the first time in my life I could honestly say that I could eat no more.

"Oohhh, what a fat boy you are!" she cooed, rubbing my swollen tummy.

“So stuffed..."I groaned, then, started to hiccup once more.

“Oh, damn!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “He’s jam-packed and he’s not close to finishing the story.” I groaned as she pushed into my belly which was now tight as a drum. No room left.

I began to hatch a plan as I listened to the two women arguing back and forth as they continuously reassessed my condition. I decided to take all of this a step further – live out one of my own fantasies by playing into their own.

“Oh, my lord! I’m gonna explode if I’m fed one morsel more,” I moaned, rubbing my massive belly in slow circles. “Mmm…look how plump and round you’ve made me…mmmmm…I’m bursting!”

They both began to almost drool as they watched my display.

“I so want to finish this,” I began. “I think it’s going to be my best work yet. But…but…I don’t want to be sick then I won’t be able to ever be done. Hmm…I think I have an idea, though.”

“What is it?” Mara inquired, warily.

“I know this will keep my creative juices going. I want Elizabeth to straddle my lap and you to feed her. I want to feel her belly ripening next to mine,” I replied.

Elizabeth was aghast. Mara, on the other hand, was looking as if she were seriously considering my proposal.

“Oh, no!” Elizabeth gasped, shielding her own belly protectively. “You said if I brought him here, I wouldn’t have to do that anymore.”

Mara eyed Elizabeth disdainfully. “You’ll do as I say if you want to keep your position in this establishment. No one else will hire you. You have a criminal record. A little problem with extortion…remember?”
“Well, I’m not the one who is a criminal here. You’re now a kidnapper,” Elizabeth countered.

“It was your idea, my dear,” Mara reminded her. “I just helped you along the way. Besides, I have enough video tape to put you away for a long time. Never try to cheat a cheater. Regardless, I never get caught. You ought to learn from my example.”

Mara walked close to Elizabeth, poking her firmly in the belly. “Now, hike up your skirts and do as Bill says.”

Elizabeth swallowed hard, but said nothing more. She complied. I would have loved to know what Mara actually had on her, but I was pleasantly distracted at the moment and the thoughts drifted away for the time being. When she sat across my lap, I realized she was a lot heavier than I had imagined. I put my arms around her, pulling her close to me as I typed at a snail's pace.

Mara began to fatten Elizabeth. I savored every moment of her development. And did she expand! Elizabeth had all the makings of a real fatty. She ate like a champ, sucking down half of his remains before slowing down. Soon, Elizabeth’s dress was stretched tightly across her new enormity, threatening to burst its seams.

Mara looked on appreciatively, continually encouraging her to take one bite more. Now, Mara was calling her names and telling her, "You're swelling enormously…so big…big pig.” Mara’s fingers stole to Elizabeth’s stomach, rubbing it through the thin fabric of her dress as she stuffed her.

As Elizabeth’s abdomen widened, so did her eyes. They grew to be as big as saucers, trying to keep up with the onslaught of delights passing her ruby lips. Her stifled belches were becoming harder for her to capture. They were expelled softly at first, but then increased in intensity and frequency.

Soon her flushed face and perspiration illustrating her growing anxiety to complete her task. Her internal battle was also demonstrated quite evidently as her blimping belly labored to preserve…rumbling in protest as she ballooned. Her once soft belly was rounding and filling becoming a solid mass. If she felt my hardening manhood beneath her, she never remarked on it. Rather she belched loudly and began to moan, clutching the sides of her enlarged belly.

I was so turned on. I slowed my pace so she would be forced to eat every last bite. Elizabeth’s waist thickened to such an extent that it resembled a ball – her waist actually disappearing beneath her swelling blubber. She rocked back and forth as Mara increased her pace. Elizabeth’s seams creaked suspiciously, beginning to give way. She squealed as her dress tore open slowly at first and then with a resounding RIIIPPPP!

Elizabeth’s belly was a large sphere, spreading over her lap, weighing me down. As the last morsel was forced between her puffed cheeks, I finished typing and hit spell check. Mara looked over as I gently massaged Elizabeth’s overfilled gut. Elizabeth sobbed in pain, but I felt no pity for her.

Boss Lady pulled Elizabeth off my lap, her dress in ruins. I was unshackled and forced to my feet. Sniffling, Elizabeth stood in front of us holding her aching and monstrously over filled belly. She bent slightly forward, reached down, grabbing my clothing which she unceremoniously threw at my head.

It was early the next morning when I emerged bleary–eyed from the store. I held my belly and held up my pants which would no longer zip up…so painfully distended…every step a new agony. They laughed as I went, giggling that they inspired me to write a masterpiece of modern literature which had been submitted only moments before to the website. They warned me not to tell anyone about my experience here. They said they had video taped me entering the stockroom and would say that I was a thief. Me, a thief? They were the thieves. They had stolen my talent for their own benefit.

I shakily entered my car which I had thankfully parked close to the mall entrance. I was astounded to discover that I could not comfortably fit behind the steering wheel. My stomach was so packed full that it refused to be squeezed into the small space. They had done a fair job of fattening me like the proverbial thanksgiving bird that even with the seat pulled back, my bulbous belly still brushed the wheel.

I drove slowly toward home, trying to avoid pot holes. My poor abused belly gurgled and bubbled relentlessly as the car plodded home. Still three miles from my destination came the first wave of cramping. I groaned grasping my overinflated underbelly as my gut felt as if it were squashed tightly in a vice. I put my foot more firmly on the accelerator as more cramps assailed me. Grunting and panting, I prayed I would make it home before the ultimate embarrassment occurred. I clenched my buttock tightly willing myself to hold on for just a short time longer.

Between whimpering and a lot of swearing, I finally pulled into my driveway. I staggered out of the car holding up my trousers. What a sight for the neighbors if there had been any loitering outside! Luckily, no one was around. I struggled to pull the house key from deep inside my pocket and fumbled with the lock. I suddenly farted explosively nearly losing control. I moaned as I farted again and again, trying to unlock the door. I pleaded silently to some invisible personage to let me get inside before I exploded. I snorted and grunted then began to burp. Finally, the door was open and I burst inside.

I expelled gas thunderously from both ends as I half crawled up the stairwell, holding my overfed gut. I pushed open the door and plopped on the toilet seat. Safe! Or was I? Pain shot through my bowels. My belly rumbled violently. I squeezed, but…nothing. Oh, no! I sat there straining for some time before I experienced any relief.

A few hours later I sat in my favorite leather chair in my study sipping herbal tea to sooth my bellyache. I ruefully reviewed the events yet again…my ultimate stupidity to have been coerced. Was I so lonely…so desperate that I was so easily taken in by a beautiful face and the lovely Botticelli figure of this sultry woman.

Elizabeth. She enjoyed her quarry…capturing me and feeding me until I was nearly ill. She wanted to swell me larger and rounder. I shuddered inwardly knowing how fat I would have grown if given sufficient time. I would have had to be rolled from that room and somehow that made me feel oddly excited. I passed some more gas and gently rubbed my belly which was still quite swollen. My mind shifted quickly back to Elizabeth. Now her figure was something I’d like to explore…


All of that was several weeks ago. I was once again sitting in my study, but this time behind my computer. Mara and Elizabeth had been correct. The story I had wrote for them turned out to be the best piece I had ever written. I was bombarded with emails and blog entries from satisfied and excited readers. My experiences had inspired a whole series of stories. And, I knew there would be a whole lot more where that came from.

I yawned and stretched. The room was quite dim only lit by the fireplace in the far corner of the room. I looked up when I hear a deep moan. I smiled widely. I had tied Boss Lady to a high chair in the corner near the fireplace. Mara slumped in the chair in exhaustion, clutching her immense stomach, grossly swollen with copious amounts of ice cream and cake from the past few weeks. But, now I switched to a different method. She was forced to continually suck a thick shake from long wide tubing from a large vat next to her chair. She plumped up ever so slowly. Mara’s belly firmly wedged her in the chair, her feet dangling.

My toe nudged the figure spread eagle on the carpet. Liz was no longer in that beautiful dress I had first seen her in. She was dressed in now overly tight jeans. She had passed full well over a week ago and had progressed to being truly stuffed. Her skin was stretched taut over her distended belly, her round belly protruding from under her snug shirt, and the jeans unsnapped. She wasn’t tied…no need for that now. Her belly swelled many times the size it had once been due to days of forced eating with four more weeks to go.

I stopped my typing of this story and got up to squeeze the bellies of each woman. I needed to determine if they were full. I knew that this task would become increasingly difficult over the next few days, as the fattening process progressed, and belly fat got thicker and thicker. Boss Lady groaned. It was hard…but not tight. She would proceed slowly. But, Elizabeth, who could hardly see over her blown up midsection was quite pliable…for the moment.

“No more…I can hardly…breathe…just need a few more minutes of rest…” Elizabeth whimpered. “Please I’m so full. My sides ache.” Her tightly rounded gut bowed out over the sides and front of her jeans, making a tempting mound. I lay my hand over her gorged and protruding belly and massaged it in a slow languid pace. Her nipples became erect and she moaned in spite of herself.

AHH! I thought to myself. It’s a good thing I grabbed that security tape before I left. Now the shoe is on the other foot or should I say…the belly.

I laughed to myself. It’s time to begin another chapter of my book.

Chances Are Awfully Good....That I'm in Love with You

Jenna and Sloane's Story continues...Part 5

“What’s going on?” Jenna exclaimed. The two muscled guys had lifted her up so she was sitting on the tall wooden stool. They were still holding her upper arm, balancing her as Pia came to her side.
“Your husband has requested that you get a special treatment today as well,” Pia began, gesturing to one of the two men. He brought back a platter laden down with sushi – all well cooked considering her pregnant condition – and chockfull of vegetables. Sloane smiled, wordlessly. Sprawled out as he was on the heavily padded masseuse table, his abdomen was at full distention. Stuffed up to his eyeballs, he could barely breathe…let alone speak. Jenna had done her job well. Pia had worked on him as she had Sloane overfed…his belly ballooned larger than ever before. But, now it the spotlight would be on her.
“At your husband’s request, it is your turn to fatten up,” Pia said.
Keeping her eyes on her stuffed stud, Jenna said to him, “This is really sweet, but unnecessary. We came here as a special treat for you.” Jenna’s hand moved to her bloated abdomen just over seven months swollen with child.
He breathed in and out deeply as Pia moved back to his side, and gently kneaded his agonizingly swollen gut with long gentle strides. Jenna’s heart started pounding when she noticed the large cart being pushed in her direction by another well-muscled man. The dark-haired man, Johan, pulled away the coverings. It was an Asian banquet – a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food – hot, steamy and…all for her.
The shorter sandy-haired man, Derek, at her left side said, “Your husband has said you are not eating your vegetables, so we have brought you many of those dishes for you to fill up on. Johan is your feeder and make sure you are adequately plump.” Derek introduced the man at her right side as Gavin. “Gavin and I will be responsible steadying you and keeping you from feeling hungry.”
Derek’s eyes were drawn to her enlarged abdomen which was already stretching the limits of her maternity chinos and cotton ¾ sleeved shirt. He could already in his mind’s eye her belly exposed and magnified…overblown…inflated…as she lay on the floor, too full to move.
At this juncture, Johan approached with a bowl of steaming green beans in pungent garlic butter. Seeing Jenna’s expression of concern, Johan said, “This is every pregnant woman’s dream – to eat to her heart’s content. Eat, enjoy.” Then with her arms being held by the other two, Johan began feeding her.
One bowl was followed by another and another. Jenna’s cheeks were stuffed full, munching away at one delectable dish after another…her belly becoming tighter. Forkfuls after forkful from both sides were pushed into her. She began to feel like the fatted calf as she chewed…CRUNCH…CRUNCH…CHOMP…After finishing the first tier a half hour later, Jenna was breathing deeply. Her maternity shirt now clung to every bulge and curve. The seams were pulled tight across her ballooning belly so easily seen through the taunt fabric.

“Come on, Baby,” Sloane called to her from the massage table. “You can’t stop now. Baby, you’re puffing up like the Goodyear blimp. You look so hot!”
“No, I’m too full!” Jenna grunted, rubbing her distended belly. But, before Jenna could protest again, a California roll was stuffed into her mouth by one of her feeders.
Pia helped Sloane from the table and sat him down nearby so he could fully view the scene. “The table is waiting,” she said.
Jenna was gently pulled from her perch and brought toward the massage table. Heavy with child and fattened with food, Jenna’s breathing was becoming laborious. Johan and Derek poked and rubbed her distended belly as they helped her peel off her tight clothing. Upon looking down, she noticed that the button on her pants had popped open – probably some time ago, the zipper partially unzipped.
Jenna attempted to roll onto her belly, but at this advanced stage in her pregnancy there was only so far she could roll onto her swelled abdomen. Her hand reflexively stroked her belly as she changed her strategy and rolled instead on her back. She felt as if she had swallowed bricks, the heaviness in her belly reminded her she was stretched nearly to capacity. Her ravenous appetite – the one she had arduously kept in check during the last few months - had been visibly satiated. Pia softly massaged her distension with warm oil, amazed at its stretched, glistening roundedness.
“I’m glad you had me stop eating,” Jenna giggled, patting the sides of her abdomen. “I fear that Sloane I would have fattened up so enormously that he would have had to roll me home.”
Jenna laid face-up, completely nude…rounded and plump, with now a noticeable increase in the size of her belly. From her pregnancy, Jenna’s already ample breasts were swollen to the size of melons. Jenna waited patiently for Pia to begin on her. She was sure she was going to enjoy a good belly and body rub in her enlarged state.
Derek and Johan came to her sides and to her surprise…began to suckle her enlarged rosy nipples. She moaned as they licked and sucked. Pia came over and began her massage – her hands glided across the enlarged swell of belly. Jenna would have squirmed on the table if all her weight had not kept her in one place.
This went on for some time…driving Jenna crazy with lust…until her eyes widened in surprise as huge containers were placed on a long table in front of her prostrate form by her hefty spouse. “No…no…” Jenna pleaded. “I’m so full. I can’t do it…I can’t eat another bite.”
Sloane’s hand came to rest under his wife’s swollen belly, and he took the opportunity to reach over and push in on the outstanding protuberance. Belching in response, Jenna blushed. “You said you knew my secret desire…but it is I, who know yours. You love the idea of being fed…gobbling up all that wonderful food…your belly swelling into a huge ball…” he began, kneading her rounded abdomen – massaging the hard balloon of her straining belly. “You want me to call you a fatty girl, don’t you? You’re turning into a real porker…but this is only the beginning. I’m gonna fatten you up until you resemble a beached whale.”
Jenna moaned in response, attempting to roll toward him, but was so weighted down that she could only turn her head – just barely. Her nipples were full and tender from their recent stimulation. Her breasts were ripe and inviting. But, Sloane resisted the temptation of licking them…he had other ideas in mind for his submissive wife.
“I’m gonna have them blow you up like in Willy Wonka…roll you across the floor…” he continued, stroking her face. “But, you look like a stuffed turkey…just not with enough stuffing…not yet that is.”
The two men returned to Jenna, but it was only Johan who took his place above her head…reaching out to grasp her ample breasts and tenderly rub her nipples so stunning in their expansion. Derek came to her side, opened up the plentiful box of decadent pastry and began feeding her again.
As Jenna was forced to wolf down each piece, her massive belly swelled even more magnificently, stretching out farther before her. In the meantime, Pia had raised her masseuse table until it was almost into a sitting position. Sloane waddled toward Jenna’s toes, spreading her legs, rubbing her ankles.
Jenna lay prone and red-faced, breathing hard. She tried to spread her legs a wide as possible in a vain attempt to relieve the pressure as her massively bloated belly which swelled even larger. It was being forced to inflate well past what she had thought would be possible. She forced her plump thighs wider, but to no avail...the pressure was growing too intense and this wasn’t help to relieve her mounting discomfort. Jenna belched and grunted as they made her consume more and more sweets.
My god, she thought. I’m huge! What had I done to myself?
“Oh my poor dear, I’m afraid that if you eat one more bite you will pop. Your belly is so incredibly taunt,” Sloane replied, hunkering down on a low stool between her quivering thighs.
“Humm…mmm…yup…mmm…” only came out of Jenna’s chipmunk swollen cheeks. She felt like a prize hog being fattened for market.
She shivered as Sloane’s hand brushed her inner thigh. His tongue coming to rest on her soft, puckered rosebud. She was at his mercy, moaning as Derek’s fingers increased their stimulation of her engorged tits.
Pia palpitated her protruding belly. “Mr. Sloane, your wife is approaching her utmost capacity. She’s as tight as a drum,” Pia warned.
Jenna groaned, painfully full, she couldn’t control the shuddering of her body as she was slowly being brought to orgasm.
“My dear wife, you’re a blimp,” Sloane said seductively. “You’ve blown up like a balloon. But, perhaps not quite enough.” At that moment his face dove into her sex…latching on…sucking long and hard.
Jenna screeched, he hips begging to move, but so heavy. “More…feed me more…gonna burst wide open…please…oh, please…”
“Come on,” Derek cheered on, prodding her overfilled tummy. “Eat up, tubby. That’s right fatso, open your mouth and eat for your man.”
“Yes…yes…mmmm…gonna explode,” Jenna replied, coated in sweat, hiccupping and burping with her belly spread out before her, unable to move, total under their control.
Their intensity increased. She was thrashing as she came over and over again. Se was totally dazed, and unbeknownst to herself, managed to raise her head. But, her towering belly blocked her view of her beloved spouse. She panted like a dog and reclined. She couldn’t even speak. She was so incredibly stuffed. Never in her life did she ever get to this state.
Sloane hobbled to her side and kissed her full on her rosy lips. “Surprise, my love,” he whispered into her ear.

"Chances Are…Awfully Good"

Jenna and Sloane's Story continues...Part 4...

Jenna hailed a yellow cab and pulled an overstuffed Sloane inside with her. The cab weaved in and out of afternoon traffic as it worked its way only a short distance away. Sloane winced as the cab stopped short; his hand lightly rubbed his gravely distended gut.
Sloane peered outside. He had a look of astonishment on his face. He knew this place. As a matter of fact, he knew it extremely well. He put his cowboy hat on his head and leaned on her arm as she helped him out of the cab. He pushed up the sleeves of his white linen button down shirt, showing off his brawny biceps. Sloane then tugged on his shirt which somehow still fitting loosely in spite of his sizeable, overfed belly visibly protruding over his faded Rider jeans.
They walked slowly to the main door of the massage parlor. He beamed. He hadn’t been here since he had taken Jenna here for a special treat shortly after they had met. The woman behind the desk greeted them warmly and then showed them to the massage room. It was dark except for the flickering of candles. Incense scented the air. The sound of waves crashing against the shore sounded in the background.
Jenna kissed him full on his lips. “I thought you deserved a little indulgence after your overindulgence today. I’ll be outside. You’d better get underdressed.”
Sloane hugged her and kissed her deeply before she left him. He disrobed slowly, meticulously folding his clothing – and placing them on the side. He first tried to lie face down, but with his gut so distended from his gluttony – it was ridiculously awkward. He flipped over on his back, sliding under the silken covering on the smooth table.
A soft rap on the door and a woman with a heavy Finnish accent asked for admittance. Sloane looked up to see the lovely Pia, one of his favorite masseuse enter the small room. “Darling,” Pia exclaimed, ecstatically. “It’s been so long! And, how you’ve grown!”
Sloane colored slightly. “It’s good to see you, too,” he replied, softly.
Pia walked to the end of the table where his feet stuck out. She flipped a switch and the table split, his legs forced apart into a split. Sloane looked down, but couldn’t look past his mountainous belly. Pia took a bottle of oil and squeezed it liberally across her palms, rubbing them together. Sloane nearly jumped out of his skin when she first touched him. Her hands expertly moved across the great expanse of his fattened belly.
BBBUURRPPP! URP! Sloane belched loudly, beginning a series of cavernous gassy outbursts as Pia continuous kneaded his overstuffed gut.
Pia explored every contour of his spherical gut, fondling the pliable skin, scrutinizing every fraction of his expanded 53 inch belly with her nimble fingers. She then worked her way over to Sloane’s beefy thighs, working her fingers deep into soft tissue.
“Oh, I’m so stuffed. Sorry for the…BBBUURRPPP…for that…can’t help it,” Sloane apologized. Pia tried to look over at him, but his face was barely visible over his gargantuan mound of belly fat.
“No, apology necessary, Mr. Sloane. You’re just showing that you enjoy your meals. Such a wonderful specimen of manhood,” Pia replied, thumping his massive abdomen as she continued his massage. “I’ll work the excess air out and help your stomach to settle.”

Sloane moaned as she manipulated his flesh. “Your wife has provided you a two- hour special massage. I promise it will be unforgettable.”
Pia worked hard on his belly for some time until it was malleable beneath her hands. She then pulled off the rest of the blankets, fully exposing Sloane. She pushed his legs back together and instructed him to flip over. He struggled to his side. Although, he was no longer bloated, he felt shaky. Holding his bloated belly with one hand, pulling at the side of the table with the other, he tried again, but then felt multiple hands attack his sides until they flipped him over onto his still distended middle.
He was startled to discover one set of hands was his wife’s. Two other women were next to him, his wife sitting on a stool at his head. She ogled his fattened form as they worked his flesh…probing fingers exploring his widened buttocks, which was raised off the table. Sloane grunted as they roughly kneaded and squeezed the bulbous globes.
“Now that you’re well rested,” Jenna said. “It’s time for dessert.”
Jenna began placing chocolate petit fours between his parted lips. Sloane closed his eyes savoring every sweet mouthful. Meanwhile, Pia moved her hands from his sublime ass to his back and shoulders as he was endlessly stuffed by his wife and then the two other women in the room. Sooner than expected, he began to feel full once more.
“Sweetheart, I’m bursting. I need to take a break,” Sloane said, rubbing his billowing belly which was squeezed tight against the table.
But, Jenna responded by picking up two petit fours and pushed them into his mouth. She then sat down on the other side of the table and watched his glorious profile, his big rounded belly continuing to swell as the two women took over.
“Sloane, don’t fight it. You know you want this. Besides, if I want you fat, you’ll be fat,” Jenna responded.
“Hmmm…” one of the women remarked. “He’s almost ready to flip over…that is… after he’s had something to quench his thirst.”
Gentle hands prodded and squeezed his massive girth as they inserted the water bottle between his lips and squeezed…then another…and another. His legs wiggled in frustration as he attempted to ease himself off his bloating belly.
Jenna could hear the water empty into him. The water surged into his mouth, swelling his cheeks, his throat bulging as it was forced to contract as he swallowed more water. Sloane was allowed to flip over onto his back. But, the flow of water resumed, his gut expanded becoming full and round. Jenna watched what was left of his abdominal muscles flex and adjust to the increased burden. Sloane thrust his belly forward slightly as it began to rumble. He grimaced, clutching the swell.

“Did you ever think you could eat that much?” Pia asked, raking her manicured nails across his bare belly. He shivered visibly. “You’ll soon burst through the barriers that now envelop you. As your appetite spirals higher, you will grow fat and be prepared to accept all that is offered.” Her finger then softly brushed his velvety sack.
“Are you ready to commence?” she asked. Sloane moaned softly and nodded.
Sloane closed his eyes and placed his head back down on the cushioned board. Pia continuing her work on his enormous gut for nearly twenty minutes. She positioned her hands underneath his fattened sides, manipulating his flesh, pushing his mammoth belly higher into the air. He squeezed his plump thighs together. His ass tightened as she began to palpitate his fat at an increasing intensity.
Then the women returned with more cake. They urged him to eat more. Sloane laboriously ate the cake. Although Pia made more room in his belly, he still felt stuffed. His cheeks plumped outward yet again as his belly was pumped larger and more spherically than ever.
Jenna encouraged him…taunted him…calling him fatty…blimp…porky…and after each “term of endearment” Sloane would suck in more. He felt his belly tighten, rising like a ball of dough, pushing forward and outward.
Pia began to apply more oil to her customer’s distended abdomen. “You’ve got a thick frame, Mr. Sloane, you will increase nicely.” She rubbed his bloated belly more gently mindful of its increasing inflation. “It’s good to see you’ve rediscovered your healthy appetite. You will need it.”
Sloane motioned for Pia to come closer. He whispered something into her ear. She smiled and sent one of the women out of the room. Pia didn’t wait for her return. She motioned the other woman to come hither and continue to stuff him.
He had no real idea how much he was eating. It was like he was in a dream. More and more was forced into him and then the cakes were replaced by a four gallon tub of ice cream. His head was raised and feet parted wide.
Jenna stepped between his legs and grasped his flaccid shaft. He moaned as it quickly came to life. Quickly, Sloane’s belly resembled a balloon as he was stuffed and milked harder by his sweet wife. Everything became a blur. The only thing he cared about was devouring the next creamy spoonful.
He ate more quickly, crying out as he was mercilessly stretched further. But, he knew if he slowed, so would Jenna’s hand. She reached up and rubbed his bloated underbelly, bringing grunts and increased panting. He was running a race. He thought he would burst he was so full.

He forced down more…gulping…gasping…“My, my, Sloane! Jenna exclaimed in mock disbelief. “You have grown really fat! You’re turning into a fat piglet, aren’t you?”
“P…pp…lease…please don’t…stop,” Sloane panted. Jenna massaged his hairy balls as she jerked his shaft. She expertly brought him repeatedly to a climax and then would hold off just as Sloane was about to ejaculate. “Need…need to cum…do it to me…” he pleaded.
When Sloane’s belly reached its maximum distention, she increased pressure around his shaft.
Oh, God, he thought. I’m going to burst!
Sloane cried out as he came over and over again. He was shaky and feeling vulnerable as Jenna stepped pushed his legs back together, came up to his face, and kissed him passionately.
Jenna smiled broadly. She mentally was congratulating herself on her grand achievement. But, then…she felt a tug at her elbow. Two strong, muscular men were at each elbow, pulling her backward and hoisting her up on a tall stool.
Sloane looked on in exhaustion…a smile beginning to turn the corners of his lips.

"Chances Are"

Jenna and Sloane's story continued...Part 3...

Jenna was happy. She was advancing in her job at the magazine moving from a copy editor to a writer. She was about six months away from freedom. The divorce would finally come through and with the judge awarding her sole custody of their children with no visitation; she would finally be rid of Vince. Unfortunately, she was broke. All their joint assets had been frozen by the government and it looked like most would be confiscated or used up by lawyers. But, she knew she’d be fine. Jenna’s children were pulled out of private schools and put into public schools – a move she had wanted to make a long time ago. Her parents and the after school programs would help her out. She knew she would be back on her feet again soon.
But, she felt oddly empty. The funny thing was that she missed Sloane. She knew she had been right severing off all ties at the time. She had been angry. She had been used by both Sloane and her husband. She had needed time to think. And, she had thought – for a long time. She wasn’t angry with him any longer…it was more of a general feeling of disregard. Although her head told her it was over, this fact still didn’t squelch her curiosity at seeing what had happened to him…to see him one more time.
So, Jenna began doing some research on Sloane. He wasn’t in Boston or New York. She tracked him down to New Orleans. Her source told her that he had requested to be reassigned and had been there for several months. She started making plans for a little vacation – well, a working vacation. She talked to her editor and he approved her doing a travel article for the magazine. She planned just to go down there for about a week, peek in on Sloane, and then enjoy what New Orleans had to offer as she worked on writing her story. And, Sloane would never have to know she was there.
A week later, Jenna found herself in New Orleans. It was still a lovely town even after all the colossal damage caused by the hurricane and other more recent storms. She found it amazing how quickly they were able to rebuild and restore much of the town’s former glory. She was enthralled by the whole place.
She checked into the French Quarter Landmark Hotel Thursday evening. Jenna quickly unpacked and arranged a few of her things in the spacious closet. She set out a pair of jeans, lightweight sweater, and cowboy boots for the evening and took a luxurious bath in the Jacuzzi tub. With a towel tied loosely around her, she plugged in her laptop for it to charge, arranged her notes at the desk, and set out her digital camera. With a Sharpie, she sat down on the edge of the bed and circled a few of the restaurants, hotels, and sights she planned on covering for her article on a neighborhood map. Then she circled and starred one area in particular – Sloane’s office.
Early the next morning, she dressed in her once tight-fitting khaki pants, tank top, sunglasses, and leather sandals. As she stood in front of the mirror to check her makeup, she couldn’t help but notice all the weight she had lost over the past few months. When she had originally met Sloane, she had been a size 16 and just approaching 200 pounds. The months after having met him, she hit a size 18 and then was on the fast track to a size 20. She was a very plump 235 lbs when she had left her husband and broken it off with Sloane. Now, she had thinned out to 187 lbs and was a size 14/16 – depending on the brand. She wouldn’t mind putting on a little more weight – but that would be her “own” decision. And, only when and if she was ready. But, for now, she was very happy at what she saw in the mirror – a relaxed, self-confident woman.
She made her way up to Jackson Square where she found a little café. She ordered an espresso and a beignet and perused her newspaper – one eye on it and the other gazing at the door of a small office she knew Sloane to be working out of. It wasn’t too long before he appeared before her. But, it was far from the Sloane that she had always known. This Sloane was not the Marlborough Man she was used to seeing. He looked like a slick NYC banker with his fine black silk suit and shiny shoes. Gone were the cowboy boots, denim jeans, and rolled up shirts. The shirt he was wearing was starched, white…and held his big ball belly in check. He had indeed filled out. The rest of him had filled out as well.

When Sloane had meet Jenna, he had been a slim, muscular 183 lbs. She had discovered later in their relationship that Sloane had actually been a much larger man – about 350 lbs – before his ex-wife had pushed him to loose the weight. According to Sloane, he had maintained that weight with difficulty – a daily gym regiment and strict diet. When he would give in to temptation and begin to bulk up, the personal trainer – a birthday present – hired by his wife would run him ragged until he dropped the extra pounds. He loved her and wanted to please her. The marriage didn’t last, but not because of that. They had married too young and their ideologies really never meshed. It was too bad for their two boys – as it had been too bad for Jenna’s four children with her soon-to-be ex-husband, Vince.
What Jenna didn’t know when Sloane had started to correspond with her through the feeder site, was that he was working for the government. Sloane had integrated himself in Vince’s company and befriended Vince. Vince, a closet FA, wanted to fatten up his wife, so hired Sloane to start her down the road she was already on – he just wanted it right away and not to let nature take its course.
Jenna’s experience as Sloane’s feedee, did plump her up, but not to the extent that her husband had wanted. He brought Sloane in again – setting him up in an apartment near their home to do his dirty work. What Vince didn’t know was that Sloane was collecting information on Vince’s dirty business dealings and was closing in on Vince. So, Sloane took Vince up on his offer, figuring perhaps he could get some information from Vince’s lovely wife. But, after getting to know her, he had fallen in love with her and her with him. He came to the terrible realizations that if he didn’t come clean and tell her everything he was lying and if he did then he’d probably lose her. He never had the chance. She found out on her own and she refused to see him again. He got his man, but in doing so had lost the love of his life.
That was over eight months ago. At first glance, Jenna had noticed his pressed attire. But upon closer inspection, he really didn’t seem so different. He maintained a very confident air in his walk. Jenna saw that Sloane’s face appeared unchanged – except for some extra flesh underneath his usually more square jaw line. He sported a moustache - and was still ruggedly handsome. His physique was still quite muscular, but his belly was obviously rounder…very rotund …his buttock always shapely and round now resembled very full, actually over inflated balloons. And, when he walked she could detect that his thighs did rub together slightly. From what she saw, she judged that he must be approaching 250…if he wasn’t there already.
She surmised that he was clearly not pining over her loss. He looked quite happy as we walked briskly; cheerfully bantering with a male colleague. Not that she actually imagined this or wanted this to be so. In some of her daydreams after their breakup, she just fantasized that he wouldn’t be able to eat or sleep without her. That he would be reduced to bare bones at her absence from his life. And, it was obvious that this was far from the truth. He was healthy-looking and quite corpulent …far from the emaciated vision she had conjured up in her imagination.
Jenna found that she was disappointed…perhaps even a touch angry. Then she laughed at herself. She was being ridiculous. Jenna reminded herself that she was only here to satisfy her curiosity…which she had. Now, she could move on to the real reason she had come to New Orleans – her job. She waited until he was safely in his office before she moved. She put the newspaper she had been reading under her arm and flagged down a cab.
The swamps were her first destination on her tour. She took some photos and wrote some notes about what people said or the tour guide said. Then she went to the Acme Oyster House for a late lunch – gumbo, oysters, and red beans and rice with smoked sausage. She was barely able to finish her lunch when she found herself ordering dessert – bread pudding smothered in pralines and a caramel sauce.
“Oomph… My belly… I’m so full!” Jenna said softly as she rubbed her distended stomach, rumbling and gurgling with its contents, struggling to digest her massive meal. She attempted to get up; her sides hurt, and rubbed her belly softly to ease the pain. She hadn’t eaten with so much abandon in a long while. She thought no wonder Sloane had grown so fat and so quickly. If she were to stay here a few months, she believed whole-heartedly that she would be double her size.
She walked around town for the remainder of the afternoon walking off lunch. She visited a few shops in the area, carefully writing down their names, and if the sales people had been particularly helpful so she could mention them in her article. By dinner time, she chose another restaurant, Petunia’s Restaurant, whose claim to fame was their huge crepes. Jenna looked down the list judiciously and then chose one with shrimp, Louisiana crabmeat, ratatouille, and cheese sauce. She ordered a nice glass chardonnay and a hefty order of salad to accompany the crepe.
The waiter had just served her main course when she heard her name. She didn’t need to turn around to know it was Sloane. When she looked up, he looked like he had earlier in the day, except that his suit jacked was buttoned closed and he wasn’t smiling.

“Jenna, my god, you’re here,” Sloane gasped.
“I’m here doing a travel article for the magazine,” Jenna said, nonchalantly, sipping her wine. Noticing all the eyes in the restaurant shifting on to them, she invited him to sit.
“You don’t know how happy I am to see you,” Sloane began. “I’ve tried to contract you a number of times…”
“Yes, you did,” Jenna cut in. “I got your messages, but decided it wasn’t prudent to return your calls.”
“Jenna, I’m so sorry…for everything. I’ve missed you so much. Look,” he said, pulling open his jacket, grabbing his big belly. “I even put on weight. I was so distressed that I just kept eating. I gained 66 pounds since you broke up with me.” Sloane continued to plead with her and persuade her to see him once more. His tone turned desperate. Jenna considered her options – turn him away…take him back…that was definitely out…or....
“You see, Sloane, it’s a trust issue that I have with you. I don’t know if I could ever trust you again after what you did – even if you were working undercover. You could have done things much differently. Sloane shook his head in agreement, his face grim. “If we were to get back together…and I’m stressing “if” then you would have to prove yourself to me.”
“I’ll do anything,” Sloane replied. “I’ll…I’ll give up my job…move back east…lose all this weight to be the man I was when we met…anything, just tell me what I’d have to do.”
“No, I don’t think that will be necessary. You see I don’t think I want to see you as you were necessarily,” Jenna said, carefully and calculating, leaning back in her seat. “As a matter of fact, I think I’d like to see you gain more.”
Sloane looked at her in surprise. “How much weight?”
“I’m not sure,” Jenna replied. She fought back her smile. This would be the ultimate revenge, if he agrees, she thought to herself. “If you concur, you can never refuse to do as I say,” Jenna continued. “You’ll eat what’s put in front of you and then perhaps in time…and I’m not promising anything…you’ll prove your worth and we can move on.”
Sloane didn’t need to consider for long. “Okay,” he said, hastily. “I’ll do it. Whatever you want me to do. I’ll prove my love for you and I really do want to gain back your trust.”
This time Jenna let herself smile. She asked the waiter for the menu and ordered him two appetizers: 2 orders of plump oysters, Crawfish Etouffee; and dinner: a double order of Cajun Pasta with Shrimp, crispy fried okra, and a beer. A short time later, the waiter returned and laid out this banquet before him. Sloane gulped, tugged on his collar, and began to eat.
He and Jenna chatted catching up on the last few months. By the time Sloane came to the middle of dinner, she could detect in him a shortness of breath and halting speech. Apparently, he was growing significantly overstuffed. Then…a slight tinge of red in his face. She could see he was totally bloated, but still eating. He stifled a deep groan. Sloane leaned back slightly in his chair attempting to put a finger in the waistband of his dress pants. Jenna could see him wiggling one finger in…apparently it was getting very tight in there. Spoonful after spoonful inflated him, pressing his bulging flab out against the tight, unyielding fabric. She could see his distress and his relief as he devoured the last remnants on his plate.
Jenna found that she was enjoying this more than she thought. He struggled to keep up his end of the conversation as he forced himself to breathe normally. He was so stuffed. But, Jenna was far from finished with him. When the waiter came over, she announced, “Time for dessert.”
When the Bananas Forster and a rather large selection of pastries came to the table, he couldn’t suppress a groan. His belly mounded out in front of him – the buttons on his fine shirt fought to remain fastened. He released the button on his pants, and knew that he wouldn’t be able to close them after this.
Jenna began to hand-feed him the sweet treats. Sloane continued to eat, smiling to try to disguise his pain as his belly swelled with more food. He was sure that his belly would burst and there was still the Bananas Forster to consume. He pushed himself into the table again in order to conceal his hands gently rubbing his blown up middle. He stifled another groan as sudden pain assailed his bloated gut. He ran his hands down to feel the hard swell of his belly as it arched outward and blew up larger. He nearly gasped in pain, as he forced down the last few mouthfuls.
Jenna excused herself to go to the ladies room as he dutifully paid the check. He burped loudly and grunted like a pig as he tried to get himself to his feet. He knew that Jenna was angry and this would only be the beginning for him. His belly would be at the center of his being and it would be his job to keep it round and full for her. He now more than ever was able to emphasize with the poor bird at the center of a holiday table.
The following day, Jenna dragged Sloane to a huge breakfast at Brennans. She ordered berries in cream, Eggs Hussarde, and Bananas Foster for herself. For him, she ordered Oyster Soup Brennan, Southern Baked Apple with double cream, and Eggs Portuguese – a heavenly puffy pastry shell filled with tomatoes, sautéed in butter and topped with Hollandaise sauce. And, of course the dessert was their infamous, Creole Chocolate Suicide Cake.
He swelled up like a puffer fish as she spooned more into his acquiescent mouth. All that was offered he ate dutifully…even stuffed to the gills and feeling like he would pop. He ate and ate until his eyes were nearly tearing. Helping his bloated form up was difficult, but she was able to get him into a cab which took them to their next destination – a walking tour of the French Quarter.
Sloane shakily followed hand-in-hand. He worked off breakfast or at least had gotten rid of the bloat. He was still full and rounded out from his filling meal. From there, they walked to her afternoon appointment. He was shocked to realize that her afternoon appointment was at the local cooking institute. Sloane did admit to himself that he had fun learning how to cook the many Creole dishes. But, then with a pitcher of beer between them were expected to devour whatever they created. Of course, Jenna saved most for him. His belly resembled a huge, overly stuffed pillowcase in no time at all. But, there was not rest for the weary. Lunch was followed by a four quart tub of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. He was busting out of his clothes. Sloane could not only feel his full tummy stretch with ice cream, he could feel his body stretch with fat!

He was allowed to go home to change for a Jazz Dinner Cruise. Sloane was disturbed to find that he could not fasten any of his dress pants with his belly still so swollen from his overindulgences. He ran out to a local shop and ordered a few pairs of pants – two sizes up and a new belt. After a shower and a shave he confidently fastened his loose pants and pulled the belt tight around him.
Sloane picked Jenna up at her hotel. He gasped. She looked stunning in a simple black sheath dress and strappy pumps. Tickets in hand, Jenna took Sloane’s arm and entered the taxi which took them to the dock. The ship was full of people – mostly tourists and Jazz music blared from every corner. The ship was also one of the few that had an open buffet…to Sloane’s great distress. Normally, he would look forward to the opportunity to sample all the wonderful morsels, but he knew that Jenna would make him fatten to an amazing size before she was done with him that evening. Perhaps he should have gone for the next size up in slacks after all?
After a walk around the ship, they settled at a table near the buffet. Jenna took a generous sampling of all the Creole offerings for herself. For him, she brought back savory shrimp Creole, gumbo, crawfish, grilled catfish, jambalaya, succulent pork ribs, and all the fixings. And, Jenna kept them coming…keeping Sloane comfortably seating and his plate and beer mug filled to overflowing. He swelled up larger and larger before Jenna’s bright eyes and stunning smile. Jenna admitted that she was indeed enjoying the spectacle of watching him gobble to keep up with the flow of food she brought to him…his eyes bulging wider as his belly ballooned to new heights. She secretly was becoming aroused by his spectacular performance.
From Sloane’s point of view, he was filled to the brim. He struggled to shove down every bite without complaint. For to complain, he took the chance of losing everything. Sloane knew deep down that Jenna was doing this to take vengeance for his part in what was done to her. But, he also knew Jenna. He could see that she was becoming aroused. He decided to take it to the next level.
Sloane leaned back heavily in his chair, absently rubbing his inflated gut. “Uhm…” he sighed. “Baby, I’m getting as big as a whale. Oh, I feel so…so incredibly bloated.”
Jenna looked at him. “What are you trying to say, Sloane? Do you want to stop?”
“Oh, no, Sweetheart,” he replied, burping loudly. “I want to get fat for you. Tell me how fat you’re going to make me. I want you to feed me until my clothes are snug again.” Jenna blinked hard at him. This was unexpected. But, she decided to go with it. “I want you to eat so much you’ll break in two.”
“Tell me more,” he muttered, putting a hunk of cornbread in his mouth.
Jenna could hear his belly gurgle softly. For sometime Sloane’s shirt had been slowly riding up his now enormous belly; the seams under his arms groaned and creaked. She was amazed that he was able to choke down more. “I’ve always known your secret desire, Sloane,” Jenna said, seductively, brushing his swollen belly ever so lightly with her fingertip.
Sloane moaned, his eyes almost rolling to the back of his head with desire to be filled by her.
“I want to make all your magnificent corpulent imaginings come true. You’ll achieve your full potential with my help, “she whispered into his ear. Jenna then reached out suddenly and grabbed hold of Sloane’s distended belly and squeezed.
Sloane whimpered around the glob of deep, rich chocolate gelato that was pushed between his teeth…his gelato-filled cheeks sloshing audibly. He experienced such a feeling of utter fullness…so stuffed that his belly button felt it would pop with the incredible internal pressure of being force-fed to the point of bursting.
“I bet it’s getting so tight in there, isn’t it?” Jenna asked, knowing his answer if he could force himself to respond.
Sloane could feel his shirt’s threads beginning to pop free, permitting his soft flesh to ooze out between his seems. He had loosened his belt and felt his expanding stomach pushing forcefully into the unyielding material of his new dress pants. He gasped and panted as he was pumped up fatter than he had ever been before. He was so absolutely stuffed but he couldn’t stop himself. He wanted more. He wanted Jenna to know he wanted so much more.
Jenna gently prodded Sloane’s tight, rock-hard belly. "You’re turning into such a fatty, Sloane. I bet you wonder just how fat I’ve made you. Would you want to weigh in for me, Fatso? I bet you put on ten pounds in just this sitting.”
Sloane continued to eat, his belly still stretching somehow, growing larger and larger. “Oh, my god, I’m so full. I’ve never been so full…even when Vince force-fed me,” Sloane gasped.
Jenna’s sweet smile twisted at the mention of her soon-to-be-ex. Sloane grunted as she began rubbing his bulbous midsection. “What do you mean?’ she asked.
Sloane could hardly breath he was so gorged, but he managed to tell her what had happened…how her husband had found him…how he had been stuffed…fattened…round and full by Vince for several days. He looked and felt like he had swallowed two bowling balls as he swelled larger and larger with food and drink.
“My body was too bloated to move from all the food and alcohol. I was in a haze. My massive gut bulged, soaring before me. It actually blocked my view of my living room. I had swollen hugely from all he stuffed me with and all the beer he was able to pump into my gut,” Sloane told her. “He had literally transformed my already plump belly into a massive balloon, bloating larger with every morsel he forced upon me.”
“You never told me,” she almost said accusingly.
“You never gave me that chance,” he answered. “By the time I came to my senses, I could only roll out of my chair and crawl around. My belly had grown so distended and painful, I couldn’t function at all. I went looking for you, but you were gone…the house empty…and you wouldn’t…let me tell you…weren’t…ready…for it…I suspect…until…now…” he panted, totally bloated and stretched tighter than ever, but with such a look of total satiation on his face.
Jenna covered her face with her hands. “Oh, I’ve been such a fool. I can’t believe…oh, Sloane, look at you…look what I’ve done to you…and all to be mean…”
Sloane had consumed all of the food on his plate and hers. He was groaning in agony and sprawled back against his chair. His belly had swelled so wide his new pants could barely contain its growth. He moaned softly as her long piano fingers massaged his bloated flesh. “I wanted this…more than you did…I wanted you…wanted you to exact your revenge…fill me…fatten me to your heart’s delight…because…I knew it was always something you wanted to do…and I want to grow fatter for you, my darling girl…so…so plump.”
He laid his head against her shoulder as the ship floated into the dock. Sloane grunted and groaned as he tried to stand. His immense belly had swollen so round that he could barely move – let alone walk. Jenna had to get two shipmen to grab him from under his arms and half-carry his tremendous weight off the ship. The two strong shipmen deposited him next to Jenna in a cab which took them back to Sloane’s apartment. Once there Jenna made Sloane lay with his head in her lap as she massaged his massive bulk…manipulating his inflated flesh…talking for hours and hours.

2 Years Later…
Jenna’s mammoth belly brushed against Sloane’s muscular shoulders. Sloane drew her nearer, placing the palm of his hand under her pregnant bulge, stroking her softly. She was now seven months pregnant with their first child – a girl so the sonogram had confirmed. They had been happily married for nearly a year when they had been given the wonderful news. The two of them and Jenna’s four children from her first marriage joyously prepared for the birth of their little sister.
They were now living a lovely country home in Pennsylvania – just outside of Lancaster. It was a six-bedroom Victorian that they purchased as a “handyman’s special”. They had spent endless hours fixing it up and decorating it – mostly on the weekends. During the week, Sloane worked at an office nearby. He still worked for the government, but had transferred out this way shortly before they had gotten married. And, Jenna had given up her job at the magazine and currently worked for the small town newspaper.
Sloane nuzzled in Jenna’s ample breasts and was telling her how lovely she was growing. Jenna laughed, pushing him away and told him that was a fat admirer. She told him that she was getting as fat as a cow. Jenna was heavy with child after putting on almost forty pounds so far in her pregnancy. But, she had also put on some weight after their marriage – to Sloane’s delight. She now weighed about 247 pounds. Sloane knew she would keep some of it on considering her voracious appetite.
Of course, his appetite had greatly improved since their marriage. He truly enjoyed Jenna’s gourmet cooking and every moment they spent together which included many evenings enjoying a quiet dinner and a bottle of wine after the children had gone to bed. He also rather enjoyed the first-rate and at times fattening Dutch Country fare – chicken and dumplings, heavy stews, hams, sausages, flaky rolls, and endless slices of red velvet cake.
He overindulged and his weight ballooned with all the good food and drink. His current weight was just over 350 pounds. His belly bowed out in a partial orb stretching his shirt to a perfectly snug fit. The buttons were just beginning to show signs of straining – time for a new size soon if he kept up his present intake. And, he planned on actually increasing his intake – at least for this weekend. He and Jenna were now no where near Lancaster. They were visiting Manhattan – where it all started for them.
Jenna was taking him on a culinary tour of Chinatown. They walked in and out of several establishments: Chatham Square Restaurant for their dim sum, the Moon House for their tiny fried buns and soup dumplings, and their last stop at the Chinatown Brasserie.
The buttons on his shirt were now stretched to their limit, his black t-shirt showed through. The seams were straining to hold in his rising belly. He belched loudly as she reached for more rice noodle rolls and pan fried dumplings. Sloane moaned softly and placed a hand on top of his bulging belly.
Jenna held her own taunt belly as she ate several more custard tarts. Her stomach groaned loudly as she continued to feast. Ooooh, I’m getting so fat,” Jenna exclaimed. Her own belly appeared to have expanded a full four to five straining inches. She reclined slightly in her seat, so Sloane could easily reach out and massage her big, rounded belly which continued to swell with the food she was continuing to ingest.
In the meantime, he could barely reach the table. His belly blew out plumper – growing outward and upward. Sloane’s massive belly sprawled before him more than six inches in circumference from the time they entered the restaurant and hour ago. He gasped, rubbing the bowed out sides of his gut with both hands.
“I’m really bloated,” Sloane proclaimed, leaning back.
Sloane’s eyes bugged as Jenna unexpectantly pushed more food into his mouth. “Do you think you’re finished, Tubby? Not by a long shot. Keep eating,” she ordered.
With her hands she pressed gently on the opposite sides of his belly, trying to gauge its fullness as he unmercifully stuffed himself. She pulled open his shirt, exposing the t-shirt fully stretched out t-shirt underneath, exploring the contour of his inflated belly, caressing his expanding flesh. He gasped for breath at the sensuality of her touch, a large bulge growing in his now skintight jeans.
His gut blew out tight in every direction. The skin stretched over his belly. His breath labored, coming faster…belching frequently…the pressure…a growing ache as he got bigger and bigger and bigger... so full…being blown apart…
Then it was over. He lay back exhausted as Jenna paid the check.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"Second Chances"

This is part 2 of "The Manhattan Getaway".  I finally introduce, Vince, Jenna's controlling, manipulative husband.  As you'll soon see, he's a nasty piece of work. 

"Second Chances"

Jenna & Sloane:  Part 2

“What do you think you’re doing?” Vince asked, curling his lip in disgust.
“Just finishing lunch,” his wife, Jenna replied, looking up from her plate of leftover stew in surprise. Vince hadn’t been expected home until close to six.
Vince stormed into the kitchen putting his Coach briefcase on the center marble island. He quickly observed the empty Tupperware – nearly licked clean.
“Stand up and hold out your arms,” Vince demanded.
Acquainted with Vince’s infamous temper, Jenna swiftly complied, standing very straight. It would have been difficult not to spot how well defined Jenna’s belly was under her stretchy top. Since returned from New York City three months ago, she had packed on another thirteen pounds which brought her weight gain to a whopping thirty-six pounds in seventeen weeks. This brought her current weight up to 253 pounds.

 Jenna (well...actually Lizzy) at the beginning of "The Manhattan Getaway"

 Jenna (or Lizzy) at the end of "The Manhattan Getaway"

Jenna (Lizzy) plumping up by the beginning of "Second Chances"

Vince had not allowed her to buy new clothing to replace the clothes that were now too tight or couldn’t get around her larger expanse. He had given his reasoning as “hoping she would gain some sense and shed the weight”. He felt her lack of appropriate clothes would give her “some food for thought” as he put it. “When you’re bursting out of the last of your pants, you’ll be forced to go on a diet, Tubby,” Vince had said with venom.
But she had defied him – not that she could help it. Her appetite and sheer capacity pushed her to eat more and frequently overeat – always craving more.
Vince started his daily tirades about her weight gain the evening she had met him at the Waldorf Astoria after her week long stint in Manhattan being stuffed to gills by her feeder, Sloane. Vince had some very important clients he was entertaining from Egypt and he wanted Jenna to accompany him. She had graciously acquiesced as was her custom when Vince asked her to business-related functions. Although her secret hope had been dashed that he actually wanted to see her and have if not a romantic dinner – at least a pleasant one to themselves.

So tightly she laced herself into a corset so she could be able to fasten the evening dress Vince had brought her from home, made it difficult if not impossible to breathe let alone eat. Jenna was pleasant and held up her end of the conversation, but her lack of appetite was noticed even by one of Vince’s clients. “You’ve barely touched your meal,” he said.
Jenna had answered, “I must have gotten caught up in all the pleasant conversation.”
“Well, we mustn’t put you off enjoying your dinner,” Vince had laughed, putting a dinner roll to her lips. Although his face was all smiles, his eyes were shooting her daggers. She took his offering, swallowing it with a half smile.

Jenna put on a happy face even though her corset cut into her expanding gut
Her corset so tight she felt as if  her flesh would explode from its confines...her dress ripping to shreds as she poured forth...

Jenna busied herself cutting her chicken cordon bleu into small pieces as the men spoke of business dealings. Vince eyed her urgently. Jenna sighed inwardly, plastering a smile on her face and put the first of many morsels in her mouth. Vince smiled almost triumphantly and continued his discussion ignoring her presence at the table almost entirely. I MUST BE ALMOST DONE BEING OF ANY USE, Jenna thought to herself.
In the meantime, Jenna played the role of the demure housewife leaving the business talk to the men as she struggled to keep her breathing steady as she felt her belly swelling becoming tightly girdled…squeezing…no place to go.
Jenna felt like a balloon stretched to the ends of its elasticity, but still being inflated. Luckily, the waiter began to clear the table, saving Jenna from the last few painful mouthfuls. She was finally able to excuse herself and take refuge in the ladies room.
In the stall, Jenna huffed and puffed, trying to readjust her undergarments. But it was useless. If she loosened it, she was sure to bust out of her dress. She looked at her watch. DINNER COULDN’T LAST TOO MUCH LONGER, she thought.
Upon her return to the table, Jenna was horrified to discover that Vince had taken the liberty and ordered everyone dessert and brandy. Jenna was glad for the cordial which she drank quicker than she would normally. It dulled the pain of the bloat. It gave her the vigor to tackle the velvety chocolate mousse. But, the dessert was soon finished and the dinner was finally at an end.
She was barely able to hold off her groaning. Soon as the elevator doors closed with just her and Vince inside, she leaned against the wall, both hands wrapped around her midsection as she moaned in agony.

Looking around as if to see that they weren’t being observed, Vince helped Jenna from the elevator and half-carried her into the hotel room.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” Vince demanded.
“Help…I need you to help me out of my girdle…”Jenna cried.
“Crap! How much weight have you put on?” Vince asked, unzipping her.
As Jenna unhooked herself, her flesh poured out.
“God, what have you been eating while you were staying with your sister? “ Vince exclaimed. “How did you get so damn fat?” He had put his big hands on her belly and gave it a good shake. It barely moved, it was so tightly packed – a full day of eating.
That twenty-two pound gain caused her so much grief. Vince was on her case constantly asking how much she ate on a particular day…how much exercise she had…how much of a pig she was becoming.


Now, she stood before her husband as he marched around her, inspecting her inflated middle, poking, and prodding her. She hadn’t meant to eat the entire two quart container full of beef stew, but she’d been starving herself for most of the week and had barely lost a pound.
In Vince's mind's eye...his wife swollen with food and getting larger by the second

“You’re really porking out like the fat piggy you are,” Vince said, grabbing her rolls of fat squeezed from her waistband of her tight jeans. Jenna pushed down the faint feeling of desire that surfaced in her as he continued to grab and gyrate her unyielding flesh.
“Just how fat are you planning on getting, Jenna?” Vince asked. “You’re a real plumper – blowing yourself up like a giant balloon.”
“Vince, I…” she began.
“You know,” Vince cut in, beginning to pace before her, “I’m through with this! You want to fatten up, then I’ll help you. I’ll feed you so full; you won’t be able to walk. Sit down, now.” He pushed Jenna roughly into a seat. He grabbed a long loaf of Italian bread, teaching off the end. Vince then stuffed the end fully into her mouth.

“Mmphfft...” Jenna gulped, the bread jammed firmly into her mouth.
“Now, you’ll eat every bite,” Vince said, barely giving her time to finish before pushing the whole loaf into her face.
The scene resembled some sort of depraved cartoon – Vince on one side and she on the other with the bread in between…him pushing the bread into her…crumbs covering her chest…cheeks horribly swollen …chewing…more of the bread pushed into her gaping mouth…belly swelling…feeling the back of her head pushed against the wall as she slowly devoured every bite…her head bobbing back and forth…clutching her inflating middle.
When she finished, she could only cry, “Please stop…I’m too full…”

“I’m just giving you what you want, Tubby…a good stuffing,” he growled, pulling out a container of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, beginning to spoon it into her mouth. “Don’t you enjoy swelling so fat, darling girl? Don’t you like your big belly?”
“Too much…really stuffed…full” Jenna managed to plead between mouthfuls.
Amazingly, he stopped but instead of putting it away, he stuck it in the microwave and melted it to a liquid state. Coming behind her, he roughly tilted back her head, making her consume every drop. Jenna sat there, gripping her sore belly.

“I’m leaving you!” Jenna cried.
“Don’t’ be ridiculous. I’ll cut you off – you’ll be penniless - remember the prenupual agreement you signed,” he snapped. “I’ll take the children away from you. I’ll show the judge how much of a good for nothing you’re become – a pampered piglet. Now get your corpulence onto that treadmill, now!”
Jenna sniffled, but complied knowing her back was pushed up against the proverbial wall. He turned the treadmill up to 5.5 and had her jog, her hands clutching her swollen underbelly.

As she ran huffing, puffing, and red-faced, Vince turned away from her, hiding his swelling hard-on. He half closed the door, unzipping his pants. He watched her struggle as he masturbated. Vince finally had to close the door as he climaxed, shooting loads of cumm.

He hastily cleaned up, shouted into Jenna to get off the machine, and get serous about her diet. He then picked up his cell phone, looking through the phone numbers, chose one, and pushed dial.
“Hello,” a deep masculine voice responded on the other end.
“It’s me,” Vince replied. “I require your services once again.”
“Things aren’t going as you expected?” the man asked.
“No, Sloane, I’m greatly disappointed in her lack of growth,” Vince began. “I was more than pleased when she displayed your results to me. But she has not continued your work.”
“Have you encouraged her to eat more?” Sloan questioned.
“Of course, I have,” Vince snapped. “After that first evening when it appeared she was dieting, I began to cajole her and even pushed her harder to diet – a little reverse psychology. Jenna always needed handling. She did exactly the opposite, as I suspected and started putting on weight. But she has only gone up another thirteen pounds or so.”
“You know with normal activities she won’t put on the weight as fast?” Sloane asked. “Perhaps you’re pushing her too hard.”
“No, I don’t think so,” Vince answered. “I think she actually requires a harder push – that’s where you come in. I’m transferring you to Boston. I’ve already arranged for an apartment and will pay your moving costs. I’ll give you the pay scale we had agreed upon when you preformed this service a few months ago and I will send you a bonus schedule for each – shall we say twenty pounds acquired. This, of course, is in addition to our normal salary in the company.”
Sloane just shook his head. The man was so cold. The fattening of his wife was just another business dealing for him, not the pleasurable experience if should have been.
“Will you be bringing your wife and sons with you?” Vince asked.
“Ah…no. We’re legally separated…things haven’t worked out,” Sloane explained, sadly.
“Sorry to hear that,” Vince said. He wasn’t sorry. In fact, he was elated. This way Jenna would have Sloane’s undivided attentions. “So, how soon could you get here?”
“Oh, I’d say early next week. I just have to tie up a few loose ends here,” Sloane replied. “Has it ever entered your mind that perhaps she doesn’t wish to gain anymore weight?”
Vince chuckled. “Her desires are immaterial. She’s my wife and I desire her to be an immensely plump one at that. I want you to make sure this happens. I’ll be moving around my schedule so I won’t be at home much. Take her out. Do whatever you deem necessary to ensure the final outcome. Do you understand?”
“Yes, sir,” Sloane answered and hung up.
Ten days later, Jenna was shopping at the grocery store she ran into Sloane. Sloane’s cart was filled with beer, chips, prepackaged salads, and a bag of potatoes, a roast beef, and some canned food items.

“Sloane!” Jenna started. “Oh, my lord!”
Sloane gave her a hug. “You look so good. How have you been?”
In fact, Sloane was shocked by her appearance – her face pale, eyes had lost their sparkle, and her hair had somehow lost its luster. Jenna still appealingly plump, but she looked sickly and drown. This was not the happy woman he had left back in NYC. She seemed a shadow of herself.
“Oh…fine,” she replied. “What are you doing in these parts?”
“My division was just transferred here. I moved into my new apartment yesterday – just picking up some supplies,” Sloane said, pointing to his full cart. “Say, why don’t you come for dinner tonight. I’m making a roast.”
“Oh, I don’t know, Sloane. You see I’ve been watching my weight…” she began.
“Oh, no pressure,” Sloane cut in. “Just a friendly dinner – promise. I wouldn’t want to force you to do anything you didn’t want to do.”
“I remember a time when you did,” Jenna said with a sly smile.
“You had said you wanted to so something like that when we corresponded…I’ll do whatever you want…even eat the entire roast if that’s what you desire,” Sloane answered, not quite believing what he just suggested.
Sloane had been overweight when he had met his soon to be ex-wife, Julia. As they dated and his happiness increased, so did his waistline. Two years after their wedding, he had ballooned to almost 350 pounds.

Sloane, two years ago, weighing in at 350 pounds.

Then Julia had gotten into a health kick, dropping all the baby weight and then some. She insisted that he do the same. It took well over a year before he took off the weight taking him down to a slimmer 195 pounds.

Sloane chiseled body at 195 pounds at the beginning of "The Manhattan Getaway"

Meeting Jenna had not only made a lasting impression on his mind, but also on his waistline. It brought his weight to 218 pounds. This weight gain did not go unnoticed with Jenna. She noticed that his belly was a bit pudgier and his waist had thickened. She nearly blushed when she realized that she had been gawking at his midsection.
Sloane still chiseled, but now putting on a belly at 218 pounds

“Well, Vince will be attending a cocktail party in town tonight,” Jenna mused. “I think I can make it…yes…yes…I’ll be there.”
“Fantastic,” Sloane replied, writing down his address for her. It was only five miles from her home.
Jenna arrived at Sloane’s apartment around seven o’clock that evening. She stomped her feet, kicking off the loose snow from her brown, leather boots. She rang the bell and was buzzed in. Jenna slowly walked up the narrow stairwell of the old apartment building to the second floor. Sloane greeted her with a hug and took her coat. His eyes immediately took her in, moving up and down her form. She wore a tight-fitting chocolate-brown skirt, knee-length boots, and a chunky apricot-colored sweater- her belly poked out just enough to be visible.
He took her on a brief tour of the place. Mostly everything he owned was still back in NY in a storage unit, but Vince had given him some money for furnishings – a small kitchen table with two chairs, sofa, coffee table, and computer desk – all picked up the day before yesterday from IKEA. The futon bed and large, oak cedar chest holding most of his clothing were the only two things he brought from home other than a few boxes of books and some personal items.
At the conclusion of the tour, he showed her into the livingroom and poured her a glass of Merlot. Vivaldi’s Four Seasons was playing in the background. Sloane left her alone for a few minutes to put the finishing touches on their dinner – occasionally calling to her from the kitchenette. Jenna spent the time strolling around his livingroom, sipping her wine and browsing the bookshelves that were built into the walls. The shelves were lined with pictures of his sons as well as detective novels, a book on the history of food, assorted cookbooks, a few fitness related books, one on fly fishing, and a few travel guides about Rome, Paris, Boston, Germany, travel in the US Midwest, and England. Otherwise, there were a few stray boxes half-opened lining the bottom shelves.
“Dinner’s ready!” Sloane called into the livingroom.
Sloane had thrown a plain, linen tablecloth across the small round table and place a vase of Jenna’s favorite flowers, yellow roses, at its center. A heaping bowl of mashed potatoes, brown gravy, plain green salad, and parker house rolls, and mixed steamed vegetables joined the roast beef.
Jenna ate with great enthusiasm finishing the large portions Sloane had doled out for her. His plate also was piled high with the rich, well-seasoned food. She began to sweat as her belly swelled, so she removed her sweater and only a tightly-paced silk camisole barely restrained her blossoming belly.  Soon, her stomach not used to the weight of a good dinner began protruding sharply, pushing up her camisole.

Sloane’s own belly began to pooch outward becoming rounder and more pronounced – his chinos feeling increasingly constrictive.

He made sure his eating matched her own so she didn’t feel that she was being deliberately fattened for the slaughter – which consequently was exactly what her husband had in mind for her. But he put those thoughts to the back of his mind and concentrated on how much better his meal was when Jenna shared it with him.
They chatted gaily – so engrossed in conversation that they didn’t notice that between them they had devoured nearly most of the roast beef and all of the fixings. Sloane became slowly aware of this only when he discovered that he was having difficulty leaning forward – his belly a fat, tight ball. Jenna was similarly affected except she didn’t feel her waistband digging into her expanded middle since her button had never been fastened on her skirt. It had been held shut by a rubber band that had expanded with her.

Sloane felt wickedly bloated. “You know, Jenna, I’ve been worried about you,” Sloane began, leaning back in his chair, absently rubbing his overstuffed belly. “Are things going alright with Vince?”
Jenna’s eyes lowered to the floor. “Well, things have always been rather complicated when it comes to Vince. He’s a man who knows his own mind. You can’t have a different opinion especially when it comes to things at home. It’s always been his way or no way.”
“Don’t you have a say in what goes on in your own home at all?” Sloane asked.
“Not since I gave up my job to raise our four children. According to Vince, I’m not entitled to an opinion since I don’t contribute monetarily to the household. “Jenna stated.
Sloane shook his head. “That’s terrible, Jenna. I had no idea.”
“I’ve gotten used to it. But I have been working on putting my career back on track,” Jenna said, cheerfully. He doesn’t know that I’ve secretly gone back to work for the magazine I used to work for before Vince I were married. I’ve been working part time writing articles under a penname so Vince wouldn’t find out – that is until I’m ready to tell him. I just need a little more time.”
“Are you planning on divorcing him?” he asked.
“Yes, but I need to have some money put aside for a good lawyer. I know Vince will fight me for the children just out of spite. He’s an incredibly wealthy and well connected business man,” she answered.
“Is it all on the up and up or is he involved in something unsavory?” Sloane asked - his interest peaked.
“I’ve had my suspicions but can’t prove anything. . . I really don’t know anything about his business dealings other than accompanying him to an occasional company function. Anyway, enough about me… what have you been doing with yourself?” she asked.
Sloane told her the narrative of his current situation – leaving out that he was hired by her husband to beef her up, of course. He told her that his wife would be maintaining custody of his two sons and he would have visitation. They were being very cordial about the whole thing. It was something that they had both wanted for a long time.
Sloane then asked Jenna if she would consider accompanying him to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. He told her about that there was an exhibition by Stefano Arienti called The Asian Shore he though she would enjoy seeing. After consulting with her mini-date book, she saw that Vince would be occupied and her kids: John (age 14), Devon (age 10), Meghan (ages), and Andrew (age 5) would be in school and involved in after school care or the sports program – so she agreed.
With that decided upon, Sloane served the cherry pie Jenna had brought for dessert. Jenna felt a sharp stab of pain as the rubber band holding together her skirt suddenly snapped. Jenna's stomach appeared as if it had been pumped full with several quarts of fluid, a round ball.
Jenna so inflated, pumped full to bursting...

With the skirt loosened, she felt herself widen flowing forward. Slightly embarrassed, Jenna excused herself to his bathroom were she was able to pin her skirt partially closed. Meanwhile, Sloane suddenly realized his stomach was stretched tight and beginning to ache, so distended from the massive quantities of food he had just consumed. Sweat was beginning to appear on his brow and ran down his face from the pressure that was mounting inside his filled abdomen.
“What’s the matter, Slim, full already? “Jenna teased, reentering the room. “I hope you have room for some more pie. I baked it especially for you.”
Darling, feed me more...until my belly is rounded out and bursting

Knowing full well he had reached his limit, Sloane turned and shuffled over to the coffee table anyway and cut himself a handsome slice of the luscious pie. Jenna found herself enjoying the spectacle of Sloane trying to force in more into his obviously overstuffed belly. She looked on in awe as he wolfed down yet another slice – his belly pumped up like an over inflated beach ball. He then began to burp feverishly.

Sloane excused himself staggering slightly as if his newfound weight threw him off balance. He collapsed on the Sofa, rubbing his swollen belly which swelled over his belt. For the first time in a long time, Sloane was stuffed to capacity. He was painfully bloated, well past comfortably full.

Sloane feeling the increasing pressure, but so spellbound by the beautiful Jenna that he just couldn't be concerned

 He found the pressure strongly arousing especially when Jenna placed her hand on his belly. He blushed furiously which set off a long string of grumbles and groans from his belly as well as a string of belches. Knowing Jenna was watching filled him with extreme lust, which made him pant quite hard and moan softly.
“Oh, you poor, baby. Let me help you,” Jenna said, pulling up his shirt exposing his poor, overfed gut. His belly had positively ballooned. He looked pregnant…ready to drop. Sloane attempted to suck it in, but couldn’t was so pushed out with his overindulgence.
He shivered as she raked her manicured fingernails across his chest. Jenna placed her fingertips just below Sloane’s ribcage and massaged in circles, pushing down firmly. His massive belly was rock hard; he breathed out heavily as the fullness of his stomach suddenly revealed itself to him. He closed his eyes and groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure, holding his sides with both hands.

Jenna began kneading his belly, pushing down firmly in the middle and working her fingertips outward toward his sides. Jenna saw that Sloane was getting very hard; he was enjoying this as much as she was.
Jenna unbuttoned the top button of his jeans and his belly expanded outward, pushing the zipper partly down.

Sloane expanded after a filling dinner...his buttons popping...the zipper just won't close

Sloane let out a low, seductive moan as Jenna’s hands began to explore him, pushing his zipper all the way down. His face suddenly contorted in despair as he felt the enormous pressure in his belly develop to an unbearable crescendo. Jenna’s fingers worked quickly. Her palms pressing into his bloated flesh…compelling it to…Sloane finally let out a tremendous burp.

She smiled quickly sliding off his blue jeans. He lay helplessly so colossally turned on, unable to move…totally at her mercy…finally. He closed his eyes as he again felt her hands caressing his tender, bulging abdomen. A feeling of warmth rushed through him. His breathing increased as she straddled him on the sofa…her stuffed belly brushing his. He tentatively reached out. His fingertips scraped the outside of her bulky sweater which she had put on to hide her growing figure from him. She pulled the sweater over her head revealing an incredibly stretched out camisole barely about to contain her inflated girth.

She became excited as she felt his manhood expand even fuller under her clit.
“Please, please, Jenna,” Sloane begged. “I’m dying. I’m so stuffed and so turned on by you…I love you…I feel like…like…I could literally burst…”
She pulled herself off his lap, pulling off his black, boxer briefs. Lifting her skirt, she impaled herself on his engorged shaft. Sloane gasped, as felt his shaft was engulfed in a moist, tight vise. “Ahhhggrrrrr…” he yelled. “Ooohhhhh…please, Jenna…faster…ahhhggrrrr…”
Sloane clutched her swollen belly, making her moan in unison with him. “Slim, you’re getting so fat. Do you want to be able to truly eat, to stuff and stuff until you lie back with your massive belly up over you so tight and stretched and ready to swell bigger?” she asked him as he moaned, his eyes squeezed closed, his head moving side to side. You need your food now don’t you, baby… and you need your fat belly bigger...”
“Oh…oh…ohhhh…god, yes…” Sloane whimpered.
“Why did you ever let yourself get so thin? When you always knew you were meant to be rubbed…caressed…” she whispered, seductively, feeling him tremble more violently underneath her, “kissed…by your feeder…”
“Naahhgggg…oh…oh…oh…ahhhrrrrgggrrrr…” he yelled as he climaxed, tears streaming down his face, his breath ragged.
Jenna leaned forward, kissing him full on his quivering lips still straining from his intense orgasm and gasping from the weight of his conspicuously overfed bulge. She left the room, clearing away the food, and went to his bedroom, bringing out a pillow and blanket. Sloane was still rubbing his belly when she returned, drowsily, breathing deeply, and laying on the sofa in all his engorged glory. His belly was full and round, swollen to at least twice its normal size. She lifted his head to put the pillow under his head and covered him with a light blanket. As she went to leave, he reached out and lightly touched her wrist. “I’ll be back tomorrow,” she whispered, leaving him to a peaceful and exhausted sleep.
After dropping the kids off at school on Tuesday, Jenna raced downtown to meet Sloane in front of the museum. She nursed a cup of coffee between her gloved hands, her breath forming soft whisping whirs in the bitter cold. Sloane arrived fifteen minutes later, chowing down on chocolate donut. His leather coat open, revealing a white shirt underneath. At closer inspection, Jenna could see a sizable rounding of his belly.
He had been gaining much more weight that she thought…or perhaps he was just still a little puffy from last night. He kissed her, hugging her close. She gave his a good poke in his belly, smiled at him slyly, and led him to the ticket window.
They spent almost two hours at the museum, followed by a decedent lunch at a local bistro for lunch. They strolled around town window shopping for the rest of the afternoon, snacking on hot pretzels and roasted chestnuts. They had an early dinner at the chain, Legal Seafood. They ate quickly since Jenna had to get back to her kids’ schools by six to pick them up from their afterschool clubs and activities.
So, Sloane ate his entire meal with great speed as did Jenna. Both were good and stuffed in no time. But, Jenna did make sure Sloane finished not just his cheesecake that he ordered for dessert, but her slice, too. She watched as he struggled to fit it all in, his buttons beginning to strain on his white shirt.

Sloane stuffed by Jenna.  His belly enlarged under her loving attention. 

Jenna decided that he needed a small nudge to inspire him, so she took off her shoe and reached her leg across the table. He foot coming up to rest between his legs, her toes pressing roughly against his scrotum. His eyes bulged slightly in surprise. He then bent forward to shovel in everything as her toes massaged his sac, poking his underbelly. By the time he was done, he nearly staggered from his chair he was so full. They made a date to meet on Friday to go to a movie in the afternoon.
Later that night, Jenna had brought in a bucket of KFC for the kids, helped them with their homework, and saw them up to bed. She had just finished floating around in her bubble bath for awhile and was just about to retire to the bedroom with a saucy romance novel, when Vince got in from work. She has him a peck on the cheek and attempted to brush by him. But, he grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her to him. He grabbed her, pulling her into a savage kiss. Disgusted by his savagery, she pulled away from him. He grabbed her by the shoulders and pulled off her robe, exposing her naked belly and breasts.

Vince could tell that she had put on some weight…but very little. It was time to give her a stronger push toward Sloane. She’d eat for him. She had before.
“You're getting so fat, Jenna… and some of it isn’t even intentional any more, you're just starting to eat and act like a good little fatty, a food addict.... thinking of food more and more, aren’t you?” he said pushing her onto the overstuffed sofa.
“What the hell is the matter with you, Vince?” Jenna said, trying to move away from him, but he pushed her back down into the sofa.
“What size pants are holding you in now, Piggy? Stuffing your fat face these days, Hon? Thinking about food all the time, nearly bursting out of your fat lady clothes…risking ripping seams now?” he pointed at her accusingly. “You need to diet. You’re turning into such a porker, Jenna. Such a fat pig.”
He surprised her when he flipped her over his shoulder and brought her kicking and yelling up to their bedroom. Vince threw her down on the bed. “You’ll be staying here the next few days…a little deprivation is good for the soul, Jenna,” he said, as he backed out, locking the door.
She banged furiously on the door demanding that he let her out. He warned her not to frighten the children. He would see her again on Friday…if she was a good girl. Vince chuckled to himself as he left her there, rolled up in a ball on the other side of the door, defeated. WHEN SHE GETS OUT OF THERE, SLOANE SHOULD HAVE NO PROBLEMS FATTENED HER UP AND GOOD. SHE’LL PROBABLY GNAW OFF HIS ARM,” Vince thought.
Wednesday and Thursday went by in a blur. The only thing that came through the door was several liters of bottled water during the day. Apparently, Vince intended on keeping her well hydrated. So, Jenna chugged the water…every single bottle he sent in to keep her belly full and try to forget about her hunger pains.
Bottle after bottle, the water quenched her thirst, ballooning her belly as she filled herself to the brim. She burped raucously sitting for hours holding her rumbling, gassy belly…terrible hunger pains…trying to forget her discomfort. Then more bottled water would arrive to replace what she had drunk. She defiantly tore off the plastic cap, brought it to her parched lips, and emptied the water into herself. The spring water surged into her mouth, fattening her cheeks. Then it was empty, and she would repeat with another bottle.

Jenna felt swollen with water...her belly like a water balloon....wishing she'd pop...

Her belly began to expand again…so full and round…bloated with water. She could hear sloshing sounds emanating from her bloated belly. She drank down another bottle and then another…drowned the damn hungry cries…her belly continued to expand…pressure inside…belly forming an overinflated beach ball. Then Jenna let out a tremendous belch…stood and rubbed her belly. She was glad she wasn’t wearing any clothing other than her bathrobe for her buttons were sure to have burst under the strain.
Then blessed sleep…forgets about food…if only for a short while…

Friday morning came and Vince opened the door, leaving it unlocked. He went in. She was sleeping fitfully, looking strained. He left her a note on the bed that he was flying to Vancouver on business and wouldn’t be returning until the following week. He told her to make the most of their time apart by hitting the treadmill. He was sure that this would push her over the edge. He was looking forward to seeing his extremely fattened piggy wife upon his return from Canada.
Jenna came awake very groggy and light headed. She saw the note, cursing him out loud. The house was empty. Vince must have already dropped the children off at school. Her demanding hunger forced her up and into the kitchen. She opened up the refrigerator, peering unsteadily inside. She was famished. She pulled out chicken, leftover mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, plump sausages, Yorkshire pudding, creamed spinach, quiche – and then her feasting began in earnest.
She ripped into the food, shoving it into her gaping mouth…so hungry…becoming wickedly bloated…more food then leftover pie…wedges of cheese disappeared…belly straining…agonizingly bloated…more…more..more…
Jenna was in food frenzy. She began to breathe heavily. Her swollen belly stuck straight out, swelling to more than twice its size. Jenna couldn’t stop until everything edible was jammed into her belly. A pitcher of lemonade she sucked down…belly blowing out further now…She stretched her belly more eating pop tarts, brownies…her skin stretching beyond its limit.
Suddenly, she was on her hands and knees in front of the refrigerator crying in pain. Her belly severely distended. Her binge at an end, brought her back to reality…the painful reality that she had blown herself up so fat that she couldn’t stand. Her sides cramped…her belly jutting outward, a colossal sphere.

She was nearly sick. She crawled on her hands and knees to her room. She called Sloane, said she had taken ill and wouldn’t be able to meet him until possibly tomorrow. Then she called the babysitter and arranged for her kids to be picked up from school at 6:00. She knew she was in no condition and she knew she had a few things to do. After only the slightest exertion of picking up the phone and making her calls, she was exhausted… puffed up…drowsy. She dragged herself up the stairs, crawled into bed…cradling her sphere of bloated flesh…She would sleep for a few hours and then dress and go out and do what she should have done long ago…
Early Saturday morning, Jenna dropped her kids off with her parents for the weekend. Actually, she made plans for her parents to take them for the week. They would be dropping and picking them up from school and their afterschool activities. She told her parents that she was going on a much needed holiday to think things out regarding her marriage. They had known for some time that she and Vince had been having problems. They weren’t surprised. They had never liked him to begin with and never understood their daughter’s affection for him. After taking a good look at Jenna, her mother mentioned to her father, how a break would do Jenna a “world of good”. She looked terrible – not the weight gain, but her washed-out looks and the strain seemed to be showing on her.
Before going to meet with Sloane, Jenna made a stop at the bank and then went to the magazine to drop off a story she had been working on…of course unknown by Vince. She spoke with Keith Jacobs, the editor, telling him that she wanted to accept his offer of a full-time position with the magazine. Mr. Jacobs shook her hand enthusiastically and told her that her starting date would be sometime the following month.
A few hours later she was walking down the street toward the book store she had promised to meet Sloane. She opened the door of “The Poet’s Hut”; her senses assailed by the strong scents of roasted coffee beans. She looked around and saw Sloane on the left, waving at her. She smiled, and walked briskly to the table he was holding. He rose, planting a kiss firmly on her lips.
“I was about to go up and order something. Would you like a coffee and something to eat?” Sloane asked.
Jenna suddenly realized just how hungry she was, so she asked Sloane to choose a sandwich for her to go with her coffee. He smiled at her and lumbered out of his seat to fetch them some lunch.
Man, Jenna thought to herself. I don’t know if it’s my imagination or what…but Sloane really seems to have put on more weight than I thought.

When Sloane approached the table a few minutes later with two steaming mugs of coffee, several sandwiches, and some cake, Jenna looked closely at the fact that his jeans were now skin tight - the material stretched tautly over his now beefy thighs. His brawny chest sported a layer or two of extra padding, and his belly was exquisite – a plump ball-belly rounding out more as he sat just opposite Jenna.
Sloane no longer the gym rat... starting to pack it on...

She was surprised at herself that she hadn’t noticed the change in him. She guessed that it was so gradual that had missed it, being so close to him now. But, what she was sure of was that he would soon be moving away from this new stage of plumpness and would shortly be approaching a rounder more globular shape…increasing in size and weight…until he truly ballooned…FAT beyond a doubt. And she found herself looking forward to it…desiring to be part of his fattening process. She wanted so badly to see him full…brimming…bursting…so much more than she ever wanted to fill herself. She found him so sexy. So alluring. So enticing. His corpulence drawing her in…pulling her helplessly toward him.
Jenna took a turkey and havarti sandwich on a baguette while Sloane tore into the warm pastrami on thick rye bread. She ate slowly, almost with a kind of precision – arranging the cheese on the meat so that she would get an equal amount with each bite and chewing exactly the same number of times with each minuscule bite. Sloane had wolfed down another two sandwiches, becoming all the time more satiated – so absorbed listening to the poetry being read, the succulence of his repast, and the loveliness of his companion that he was nearly mortified to accept his ignorance of Jenna’s haze which - must been going on for some time before he finally took notice.
He suddenly became aware of her pallor – so washed out with almost an inner exhaustion which illuminated her very being. Sloane was so angry with himself that he had been so oblivious to her distress. He put his hand on her arm. She looked up startled, finally brought out of her stupor – at least somewhat. Sloane discerned that she remained somewhat withdrawn in her countenance. But, she smiled kindly, looking at him amorously. With that longing look, Sloane felt a stirring deep within himself. If he didn’t know it before…he knew it at that moment. He was head-over-heels in love with Jenna.
Jenna pushed the 3 slices of pie in Sloane’s direction. “Really, Jenna, I’m stuffed,” Sloane said, patting his swollen gut.
“Stuffed?” Jenna said, reflectively. “No quite yet, I think.”
“Well,” Sloane remarked. “If you promise to smile more, I’ll eat it all for you.” He slipped a hand underneath his shirt to unbutton his jeans and proceeded to eat everything on the table.
Sloane rubbing his aching, bloated belly after being stuffed by Jenna..."I'm so out of control," Sloane thought.

His aching belly jutted out and Jenna did have a satisfied smile across her face.
The next few days passed in a blur for the two of them. During the day, Jenna would busy herself either working at the magazine or walking around town waiting for Sloane to return home from work. Tuesday afternoon Sloane got out early so they went on a nature walk, driving outside the city with Jenna toting a backpack brimming with sandwiches, cookies, and soda. They stopped at a picturesque spot and they ate an early dinner. Sloane was fed like a prize hog. He was utterly stuffed like the unfortunate Thanksgiving turkey…more and more food was put in front of Sloane, spooned into his mouth, offered, insisted…he peered down at his ballooning paunch. His belly had puffed-up resembling an overinflated, sphere. When he stood up, he inhaled, attempting to suck in his belly, and then ever so slowly exhaled. His belly pushed harder and more firmly against his straining jeans until Sloane felt the snap give way with a gratifying bang. He grunted attempting to refasten it with little success; it kept popping open.
After such a large dinner, he felt beyond bloated. Why did I eat so much? he moaned, gasping, his belly a solid ball of fat. Walking became labored for Sloane as he struggled to keep up with the lighter Jenna. As they walked Jenna would reach into her pack and feed Sloane the tasty sweets, and Sloane tried to eagerly devour all she offered…his belly swelling…larger and larger…

Sloane's belly swelled enormously under his shirt

Jenna took the greatest pleasure in watching him begin to waddle holding his overstuffed belly and then relished the look of amazement on his face as he remembered they had cycled 2 miles from where they parked the car. She tried to be deaf of his grunting as his knees brushed against his hugely, distended belly. The last mile was punctuated by Sloane’s continual huffing and puffing. With Sloane red faced and sweating, they finally got to the bike rental place. Jenna returned the bikes while Sloane slowly made his way to the car and got in on the passenger side.
But rather than get in on driver’s side, she opened the passenger side and pulled the lever on the side, reclining Sloane’s seat. “Ooof!” Sloane exhaled, holding his underbelly.
Jenna straddled Sloane’s legs and pushed herself firmly against his swollen belly. Underneath her she felt the bulge expanding in his pants. She moved against him, gyrating her hips…his bugle becoming a thickening rod.
“Oooh," Sloane moaned, holding his belly, puffing his cheeks with air and slowing letting out, "I feel like I'm going to explode."

Jenna helped him off with his pants, pulling hers off as well. She couldn’t believe how swollen Sloane’s belly had become and how turned on it was making her. He grasped her full breasts and brought them to his mouth. She moaned as he latched on, sucking wildly as she softly caressed his underbelly and sides. He sucked in his breath as she mounted him, moving up and down his dripping shaft. Sloane’s legs began to shake sending his body shuddering as he felt her cum with him. Exhausted, Sloane lay back rubbing his big belly as Jenna dressed, moved into the driver’s seat, and drove back toward the city.

That evening Jenna kept Sloane quite full. Sloane tried to get Jenna to eat more, but was unsuccessful. In the back of his mind, he remembered that he was hired to overfeed her, but this fact and his other responsibilities got further and further away from him as the moment overtook him – the wonderous food being poured into him and being sexually satisfied over and over again.
After a consuming a filling chicken pot pie the two of them had baked together, Jenna stuffed him full of éclairs and cream puffs. His belly stretched, growing larger and more pronounced under his shirt. Soon the silk shirt was overstuffed with his growing middle, riding upward – seams groaning and creaking. She deftly massaged his gut, opening his pants and pulling down his zipper.
“Tell me how fat I’m getting,” Sloane said, eyes closed.
“Getting tight in there?” Jenna asked, feeding him more.
“Ah-huh,” he mumbled, shaking his head, his mouth gapping open – trying to swallow the sweet treat inside. Stuffed and full, he could hardly breathe he was so engorged.
“Looks like you’ve been gaining more than a little weight, haven’t you?” Jenna whispered in his ear. “becoming really porky.”
Sloane’s belly rumbled almost in response. Jenna laughed, patting Sloane’s great belly.
“I expect you want me to blow up like a blimp,” Sloane replied, chewing slowly.

He leaned back in his seat, rubbing the round sphere on his lap. She poked and tickled his belly, causing raucous laughter followed by a string of belches from Sloane. He took a few more bites she offered and then put up his hand. His stomach was unyielding; it had stretched tremendous taut. It trembled with enormous internal pressure. It rumbled precariously …he had finally attained his absolute limit.
Slowly Jenna slipped her hand inside his pants, coming to sit between his beefy thighs. He felt himself being pulled down and then the most delicious lips embracing his cock. He sighed, quickly becoming lightheaded. And, that was only the beginning. She made him cum again and again, until he was shaking, totally spent.
Friday and Saturday was spent almost entirely in Sloane’s apartment. They rented movies, ordered in Chinese, Thai, and then Mexican food to satisfy their hunger – when they were not having sex. When Sunday finally arrived both Jenna and Sloane were depressed.
“But, I’ll be back darling,” she told him, rubbing his big belly. “I’m just getting myself together and then I’m telling Vince it’s over.”
Sloane had gained a whopping 32 pounds in the past three weeks. He was bursting out of most of his clothes. He was bigger and said he felt tremendous. He knew that it was coming time where he would have to be honest with Jenna and tell her what he had been hired to do…just not yet. He needed to talk to Vince first.
Vince threw down his winter coat, rubbing his frozen fingers. The temperature had dropped quickly and the snow was beginning to fall. He was glad that he had arrived back in town today. Another day and he may have been stranded in an airport somewhere when the weather turned. He stamped his feet, letting the snow fall away from his thick boots.
He called Jenna’s name…then again. No answer. The kids weren’t here either. He thought something had gone amiss when he heard light footsteps on the staircase. What he saw…he couldn’t believe. There was Jenna thinner than when he had left. He felt rage welting up inside him.
Jenna saw his face and stopped in the middle of the staircase. “What’s the matter, dear?” she asked. “Is there something wrong?” Jenna really didn’t care. She just wanted to get down the steps, get past him, tell him she was leaving him, and get back to Sloane’s apartment. She had been surprised. Vince was home much earlier than she suspected.
“Yeah, you should be bursting out of your clothing by now,” he replied, hotly.

Vince's dreams of Jenna...fattening her up until she can barely move...

“I guess Sloane didn’t do the job he was hired for. What did he take you out to the health club to slim you down?”
Jenna’s jaw dropped. What does he know about Sloane? What the hell is he talking about?
“Yes, Honey Bunny, he’s not only my employee, but I paid him to fatten you up. Apparently, the imbecile is more incompetent than I believed,” Vince shot out.
“I don’t believe you,” Jenna responded.
“Believe what you want,” Vince replied. “I can show you the cancelled checks to prove it. I guess if I want something done right, I’m going to have to do it myself.”
He grabbed her, pulling her with him up the stairs toward the bedrooms. She kicked at him violently, trying to pull free of his hold. But, he was too strong for her and took her up the stairs, throwing her onto their bed.

 “You’ll stay there until you start gaining some extra poundage. I want you fat, beautifully fattened,” Vince exclaimed.
“But, I don’t understand!” Jenna began, vexed by his duplicity. “First you make fun of me because I’m getting too heavy, and now you say you want me heavy?”
“I said it so it would push you to go the opposite direction. That’s why I hired Sloane. I knew you were a fatty in the making…interested in the cooking, eating, and all that weight gain fiction you looked online. Sloane was perfect. I just don’t understand where the hell he went wrong. He was supposed to make you put on weight and failed miserably,” Vince said.
He paced the floor, threw up his hands in frustration and walked out the door, locking it behind him. “I’ll be back!” Vince yelled in to her.
“Damn!” Jenna cursed herself. “I fell for it again. Why won’t I ever learn!”

Sloane shivered. He attempted to wrap his winter coat around himself, but his bloated belly prevented this. He knew he would have to go out to buy a new coat – just not right now. It was snowing hard now and he was lethargic from all the eating he had done since Jenna had left. He was worried about her…so he ate. And, he was depressed…so he ate more. He missed Jenna. And, he also realized that he might just lose her. He knew he must tell her…tell her everything.
He sat back in his recliner, stuffing more of the smoked turkey leg into his swelling belly. Burping rowdily, Sloane lay back, his whole body feeling overstuffed due to the copious amounts of beer and food he just consumed. He jumped when the door bell rang. She must have left him…know other reason she would have braved this terrible weather, he thought to himself. This brought both a measure of joy and dread. He told himself that he would tell her…tell her now before he lost his nerve…before he lost the buzz the beer was giving him.
He walked, unsteadily toward the door and opened it. It wasn’t Jenna…it was Vince.
“Holy crap!” Vince pronounced, poking Sloane hard in the belly.
Vince didn't have to actual measure Sloane to see how fat he had become on his money

“Ooooph!” Vince staggered backward as Vince entered, slamming the door behind him.
“That’s where my money has been going! To pad your fat gut,” Vince exclaimed.

“What are you doin here,” Sloane slurred, slightly.
Vince grabbed the front of Sloane’s shirt and pushed him across the floor and launching him into the recliner.
Vince took in the scene…the half eaten food…bottles of beer laying around the place…and Sloane’s newly fattened form. He was disgusted…and furious. “So, Fatso, you’ve been stuffing yourself mightily big. You look like you could burst open.”
Sloane belched loudly, trying to get up, but Vince pushed him down into the chair again. His eyes went wide as Vince began ramming food into his mouth.

Sloane force fed by Vince

He grunted, unable to move, Vince’s knee against his chest.

When Vince finally let up, Sloane was panting, groaning, holding his truly distended gut. Vince slowly lifted up Vince’s flannel shirt revealing his straining belly. It was tight. Vince began to massage it in a circular motion covering all sides. Sloane could barely catch his breathe before Vince began feeding him again. He suddenly gagged as a tube was pushed down his throat. Oh, my word, the keg!
The small quarter keg of Heinkein was barely touched. He had mostly been sucking down bottles of beer. But, now, Vince had hooked him up to the keg. “Fatso, you’re fired. You couldn’t even fatten up my wife right. I’ll show you what fattening really means!”

The beer poured into his hapless gut…blowing it outward…he was being pumped to overflowing…he was now too huge to move…to protest…more and more was being pumped into him. Sloane begged Vince to stop, but Vince showed no sign of stopping it…as a matter of fact, the intensity increased as the lever was twisted higher. Soon his body was practically dwarfed by his massive belly. He was sure that he would burst. Sloane ran his hands around his stomach as it arched outward. The flow finally stopped.
Sloane lay prone, unable to move or believe what was occurring. Suddenly, Vince pushed the recliner into a sitting position, putting an incredible pressure on Sloane’s swollen appendage. Vince pulled Sloane violently to a standing position. He would have fallen forward if Vince weren’t in front of him, supporting him. He was so woozy. Then he found himself in almost a fireman’s hold…and then BANG…BANG…SLAP…SLAP….

no…Vince had him over his shoulder…his body protesting…his belly churned as the first burp emerged. Then another and another…Vince was forcing the burps from his powerlessly bloated figure.

“Beefing up,fatso? Winter's What? Cat’s got your tongue? Now open wide,” Vince commanded. Sloane shut his eyes, as he stood there being manhandled and fed mouthful and after mouthful after all the beer was gone.
“Please, you’ve made your point. My belly…it aches…I’m going to burst, please stop!” Sloane begged. His groaning increased…almost gaining its own rhythm…as he was forced to swallow. Vince’s hand rested on the top of Sloane’s taut, bloated abdomen.
More? I can’t take much more of this! Sloane’s mind screamed.
He chewed mechanically. When the food was finally gone, Sloane lay back puffing. Thinking his punishment was over. But for the next four hours, Vince viciously slapped and poked his overfull belly.
Sloane tied up, his swelling belly viciously poked by Vince...look, rolls of fat which means...SOO much more room...Sloane longed for his belly to be a solid mass, so his suffering would be finally over

He would be slapped in the face and paddled until his ass was raw and body shaking. And, then he passed out.
The snow fell almost continuously for the next three days. It was one of the worst winter storms in recent years. And, Jenna felt it harder than ever before – the isolation… the loneliness… the hunger… the desolation…
Her mind reeled for days thinking about Sloane’s betrayal. She tried to deny it was true, but knew she was only deceiving herself. It all fit. She had been a pawn …first Vince’s perfect little marionette… then Sloane’s play thing. She was tired of it all. But, Jenna knew that this wasn’t the worst of her worries. She had stupidly underestimated her husband yet again. She was locked up and it had been days since she had heard anything in the house. Jenna had refused to give in and bang on the door, calling for Vince. She knew that it had been useless from the last time, only angering him. She should have looked for a way out when she had the strength. Her limbs were shaky and becoming weak from hunger.
The beer filled his belly, pushing his already distended middle into a massive ball. It moved through him at an alarming rate, rushing into his feeble body. Sloane wanted desperately to call out, but his mouth was stuffed wide open with an inflated, red ball…a thick tubing running through it…conveying the frothy liquid to his overnourished, throbbing gut.
Terrible gurgling whimpering came from his stretched lips as he was forced to consume more and more. His mammoth belly ascended before him, blocking his view of his tormentor. Vince had been with him for several days, working him into a frenzy…stuffing him so full he was afraid he’d explode.
Sloane stretched...ever so slowly...the elastic stretching...

His belly was unyielding…stretched tight as a drum, expanded… globular and rigid, pushing out in all directions. Sloane couldn’t speak, even if he wasn’t gagged. So full…he hadn’t been able to sit upright. The strain was extreme. The elastic on his sweatpants was stretched practically to its breaking point.
A long, thin finger poked him hard. Measuring tape was unceremoniously wrapped around his swollen belly and pulled tight. Vince patted it, pulling the tape away.
Sloane's growing girth being measured by Vince

“Poor fat Sloane,” he laughed. “You’re looking a bit bloated…swelling nicely…feeling a little light-headed?”
Again, Sloane felt the flow start again into him…his eyes bulged. Vince snarled appearing more engrossed as a look of terror materialized on Sloane’s face as his belly was being blown up like a balloon. Too much cold…too fast…swallow…swallow…swallow.
When the container was empty, a deep throated moan escaped Sloane’s dry lips. His belly was way beyond a towering sphere, dangerously stuffed.
Sloane imagined himself growing to gigantic proportions as his belly was unmercifully stuffed by Vince
As he grew, Vince prodded his inflated gut, assessing how much larger it would much more agony his could inflict on Sloane's ever expanding belly...

He looked ready to pop, breathing deeply through his nose.
Hovering over Sloane Vince asked derisively, “Are you full yet?”
What happened I can barely recall, Jenna thought. I remember eating a terrible amount of food, but how had I grown so tremendously fat?
Jenna snapped out of her food induced haze for a moment. She struggled to her feet, holding her bloated belly with both hands. With her jaw set in determination and attempted to rise. Impossible. Her swollen belly growled louder than it had all day, sounding angry.
Now she remembered vividly. Vince came in earlier that day…bringing with him a Thanksgiving dinner – turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole…she had eaten to appease him, secretly hoping to be able to sneak out when Vince’s guard was down. But, the combination of little sleep, the copious amounts of food, and the tryptophan in the turkey did its work too well. She felt like a blob…sluggish…weighted down by her newly rounded belly poking from beneath her t-shirt. Jenna held her distended belly as Vince playfully caressed it. He smiled wickedly and pressed his fingers firmly into her bulge causing her to belch and moan softly. “My, oh my, how plump we’ve become,” he chided.
Jenna stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey by Vince

But Vince had not stopped at simply feeding her until she was so listless, she could barely move…he intended on keeping her that way. His plan was to transform his wife - permanently. She wouldn’t be able to leave him…go anywhere for that matter. He left her for a short time, and then pumped her up again only two hours later, with a large pot of leftover mashed potatoes Jenna hadn’t consumed from her previous repast. He forced food into her until her belly looked ready to burst from the strain.
Over a period of several days, he was successful in stuffing her with every scrap that was in the refrigerator and cabinets. Compelling her to wear jeans that were way too small even a few months ago, she hung over the bed…panting – belly pouring out the top of pants – cutting off the circulation in her legs. At times, Vince would walk her over to a food-laden table.
Her hands automatically began to shovel in the food. As she would lean over the table, the pressure on her jeans would become too much and pop open…the zipper sliding down. He would put his hands on the fullest part of her belly, rubbing it in a circular motion until it softened…then it would all start up again. Other times she would be made to sit up for an evening feeding still round from the many earlier…food forced into her mouth.

More and more food passed between her lips into her ever expanding belly...pumped full

Jenna’s face would be turning shades of scarlet and her arms were flailing against the sides of her ballooning belly. Later, she would groan in agony, sprawling back against the headboard of the bed. Her belly grown so wide. Her skin aching from all the food pushed inside her.
Jenna's abused belly, groaning under the pressure

One morning Jenna thought she had her chance to get away. Vince had left the door open a few feet. He had miscalculated how full she was… thinking her unable to get around. Over several days of being stuffed like pig, her capacity had increased. At times, she craved the food…actually hungry for more between feedings. But, today was her chance. She took her chance, squeezing through the opening…and then getting…stuck! Her perpetually engorged stomach just was too large to drive through the narrow gap. Jenna pushed and shoved but she was just too big to fit and could go neither forward nor backward.
“Looks like you need to smear some lard on you to pull you out,” Vince snarled, slapping her hard in the face. “Where do you think you were going, huh?”
He could have just opened up the door, but instead decided to take advantage of her predicament. She felt a tightness in her gut as it rose like a ball of dough and push forward as he stuffed her with pie…pumpkin, coconut custard, and finally boston crème.
Jenna force fed by Vince while wedged tightly in the door frame...her belly screaming as it became tighter and tighter...

Her space became more limited as she grew…legs kicking uselessly…trapped…struggling to keep it all down and make room for so much more…

Sloane’s eyes fluttered open. He was lying on his side in his own bed. He was alone. He didn’t remember passing out or when that was. But, it was morning now. Beams of light shown through the parted blinds, blinding him. He held his arm over his face and tried to rise. His belly hurt. When he looked down, he saw that his gut was enormously enlarged.

Sloane's gut was enormous from days of force feeding

Moving side to side, he was able to get his feet over the side of the bed. But when he got up, he only managed to fall on his knees, grasping his belly in pure agony.
After a time, he was able to crawl to the bathroom. Pulling him up on the sink, he caught sight of his reflection. He was startled at what he saw: several days of stubble on his face and a stained and dirty sweatshirt straining to hold in his bloated belly which felt as if it were the center of his very being. He moved his fingers along his expanded girth. The sides sloped outward and rounded out before him. He touched his sides which throbbed dreadfully from its rapid growth. He hugged himself, but realized he couldn’t even come close to reaching all the way around. He had grown too fat, too fast.

Sloane was just grateful to be able to take a breath without feeling his sides stretch painfully. He touched his side again and gazed down the slope of his stomach. It rounded out…actually…projected out before him.
His mind began to clear. He knew what he needed to do. He had to get to Jenna. He had to save her from Vince’s wrath. But, how long had he been here? Would he be too late?
He staggered back from the mirror, holding his big belly. He was still quite dizzy. Vince must have spiked his food. If he had the strength he would probably have laughed from the irony. Sloane had once spiked Jenna’s drink to get her back to his hotel room when Vince had hired him. Now, the tables were turned…boy…were they ever!
He tried buttoning his pants…useless now from his recent growth.

He ripped them off and opted for sweatpants and a tee-shirt. Panting from his brief exertions, he grabbed his car keys and wallet from the side table and left his apartment in search of Jenna.
At the same time only miles away, Jenna was grabbing for car keys, too. Vince had carelessly not properly secured the lock. He lay fast asleep at the side of her bed – exhausted from stuffing his wife with tremendous amounts of food the night before. He had ordered her to shovel portion after portion into her mouth as he yelled out, “That’s it you fat pig! Eat like the prized hog you know you are! Eat! Eat! Eat!”
Eat up, Jenna.  Grow nice and plump...

Then he fed her mounds of ice cream and what seemed like gallons of soda pop until she was begging him to stop claiming that she would explode at any time. But, he did not get angry. He simply stuffed more into her until the food was gone. Then, patting her blown out belly mocked her for being so piggy over the past week. He pushed lightly on the sides of her blown up middle, trying to gauge how large he had made her that night. Jenna just moaned, unable to move.

Jenna, so plump...feeling enormous...

“Yes, yes,” he crooned. “You are becoming ever so plump. I told you that you could now enjoy as much food as you desired. I don’t want you feeling hunger. I just am doing my job as a good husband – making sure you’re sheltered, clothed, and properly…well, let’s say well fed.”
She clenched her fists trying to push out the images of the night before. Her belly was vastly stretched – excessively swollen.

Jenna barely able to breathe...stuffed belly bulging...

The roundedness of her abdomen was now very noticeable in her sweatsuit, which was visible extended across her expanse. She clutched her belly, exiting the house silently and as quick as she was able to move. She wobbled shakily to the car, got in and drove toward the bus station.
At that moment, the bus station was first in her mind. She would go to the clinic later. What could they possibly do for her? Tell her not to eat so much in the future? Or sneer at her stupidity? She pushed the thoughts out of her head for the moment.
The bus station was close. She got out of her car and went inside. She pressed in the locker combination and opened it quickly. Jenna retrieved 2 envelopes and a small duffle bag and then returned to the car…but not before depositing the larger envelope into a mailbox on her way out.

Three days later, Jenna drove down the road and stopped in front of Sloane’s apartment complex. She had been discharged from the hospital only that morning. Her doctor’s diagnosis was not too difficult to predict - severe abdominal distension and expansion with the addition of a relentless case of bloating, cramping, and a good measure of constipation. All called for several days of a liquid diet, plenty of fluids, cleaning enemas, and rest. Vince had not tried to see her. Then again, he wouldn’t be able to from his prison cell. The hospital had contacted the police and she pressed charges of spousal abuse. But, that wasn’t what was holding him in jail at the moment. Information had been leaked to the government of his shady dealings with solid evidence of fraud.
It was a good thing that Jenna had been able to collect the information and drop it in the mail just before her stay in the hospital. She would be protected. With the order of protection in place and the fact that he was being held without bail, would keep her and her children safe. She had called her parents. They were hysterical, barely able to believe what had happened. They would keep the children while she got back on her feet.
She had it all planned out. Step one would be to go to the bank and pull out as much money as possible to hold her over before the government or Vince froze their assets. Step two would be to visit the attorney and begin divorce proceedings. Jenna knew there would be a delay especially with Vince’s other legal hassles, but she was sure she would now have no problem with getting the divorce – money would be another problem. Step three would entail starting the job she already secured with the magazine and looking for an apartment. If she lived frugally, she should be able to support herself and the kids. But, before any of this, she had to confront Sloane.
Jenna was about to ring Sloane’s bell when someone opened the main door to leave the building. She caught the door before it closed and walked purposefully up the stairs to Sloane’s apartment. She banged at the door. The door opened. Jenna gasped. Sloane’s belly mounded out in front of him through the soft flannel shirt that had once been loose on him. The hard round swell was so stressed it was if a medicine ball had been shoved into his enormous belly.
In her mind, Jenna imagined herself wrapping a tape measurer around his massive incredibly swollen...

 And, Jenna didn’t think he could possibly close his pants. His ass which had always been well defined looked as if it had been blown up with a bicycle pump. Both orbs were now well-rounded and plump – two corpulent melons.
Sloane was flabbergasted at seeing Jenna. He knew he had gained a tremendous amount in the two short weeks they had been parted. He felt like a prize hog. He had never been so aware of his plumpness. Love handles swelled over the top of his pants in addition his extremely prominent gut. Sloane flinched as Jenna reached out to tug his shirt up, revealing the rest of his ballooned belly. The skin on his ball belly was tight and almost had a shine to it. He’s such a pig! I can see he’s been busy unmercifully stuffing himself all morning, Jenna thought to herself.
“I’m so glad to see you’re okay,” Sloane began. “I went over to your house, but it was empty. I need to tell you a few things…”
“I need to tell you only one thing,” Jenna cut in. “We’re through.”
“Please, Jenna, please listen. I can explain everything,” Sloane pleaded seeing her mouth set in a thin line – already knowing it was too late.
“Vince told me everything. How could you? How could you lead me one like that! You’re disgusting and I want nothing to do with you,” she said, turning her heel to leave.
Sloane put a hand on her shoulder. “Jenna, what you don’t know that I wasn’t really working for your husband. I’ve been working for the FBI assigned to investigate your husband’s suspicious business practices. That’s why I was asking about him a few weeks ago. I’ve been trying to collect information on him. But, some new information has come to light and he’s going to be put away for a long time. You’re free of him.”
Jenna shook her head. “I wish you had leveled with me. Of course some information has come out. I put it out there. I was the one to tip off the FBI to begin with. I’ve always been uncomfortable about his dubious methods. You could have told me.”
Jenna put distance between herself and Sloane. “You used me. How could we have a trusting relationship with this between us? It’s over and you know it.”
She turned away from him and walked out of his life.